Verschwende Deine Zeit 

Released : July 12, 2004
Produced by : Ingo Politz and Bernd Wendlandt
Time : 62:52

Verschwende deine Zeit (album)
01  Verschwende deine Zeit (3:26) Silbermond
02  Machs Dir selbst (Bloodtype R) (2:49) Stanley/ Carlsson/ Silbermond
03  Durch die Nacht (4:12) Silbermond
04  Du und ich (3:53) Silbermond/ Weisselberg
05  An dich (3:19) Silbermond
06  Passend gemacht (3:19) Silbermond/ Weisselberg
07  Symphonie (4:36) Silbermond
08  1000 Fragen (4:02) Silbermond/ Weisselberg
09  A Stueckl heile Welt (3:25) Silbermond
10  Nich verdient (3:23) Silbermond/ Ingo P.
11  Letzte Bahn (4:13) Silbermond
12  1,2,3 (3:16) Silbermond/Weisselberg/Ingo P.
13  Ohne dich (3:08) Weisselberg
14  Wissen was wird (4:20) Silbermond/ Weisselberg
15  Immer am Limit (4:04) Silbermond

Machs Dir selbst (CD-single)
01  Machs Dir selbst (album version) (2:49) Stanley/Carlsson/Silbermond
02  Machs Dir selbst (rockt langer mix) (3:14) Stanley/Carlsson/Silbermond 
03  1000 Fragen (4:02) Silbermond/ Weisselberg

(82876 65104 2) released 2004 by Modul (Sony BMG, Germany) 

Germany : Modul (Sony BMG, Germany)  - compact disc - 82876 65104 2

Silbermond is :
Stefanie Kloß (lead vocals)
Johannes Stolle (bass)
Andreas Nowak (drums)
Thomas Stolle (guitars)

additional musicians :
Jorg Weisselberg (additional guitars on track 4, 6, 12)

Produced by Ingo Politz and Bernd Wendlandt.

Extra NOTES :
Silbermond is a female fronted pop/rock band from Bautzen, Germany.
Mach's Dir Selbst is actually a song titled "Bloodtype R" written by Paul Stanley for his second solo-album. Silbermond recorded the song with their own (German) lyrics for their 2004 album. The song would be the bands first single (and video clip) in March 2004.

Extra NOTES (by Julian Gill) :
By early 2004 “Bloodtype R” had been tried out on a somewhat unsuspecting public when it was released as the German band Silbermond’s first single in March. Re-titled “Mach’s Dir Selbst,” it was included on their “Verschwende Deine Zeit” (”Waste Your Time”) album. The German song title is a bit of a play on words roughly translating as “Do It To Yourself,” as in self-pleasuring! The female-fronted pop/rock band’s single entered the German charts at #56 and became the band’s first minor hit. The band’s single also featured a 3:15 “longer rock mix” of the song and was supported by a promo video that featured guitarist Thomas Stolle wearing a KISS T-shirt in honor of the collaboration with Paul. 
A Dutch girl pop band, Bad Candy recorded the English language original version on their self-titled album released in April 2006: “Bloodtype R is for rebel / You’re in bed with the devil / I throw my fist in the air / What they tell me I don’t care / Call it all stupidity / Well that’s just me.” According to the band’s PR, the song was “Written by the absolute world top of songwriters Paul Stanley and Andres Carlsson. This edgy song represents the rebellious nature of the four girls”.

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