Released : 1970
Produced by : Lewis Merenstein
Time : 37:

01 Rollin' Along (2:34) Shepley/Brand
02 Let's Call It A Day (3:05) Shepley/Brand
03 Silver Lining (2:49) Aridas/Benvenga
04 All American Boy (3:55) Shepley/Brand
05 Hard Rock Music (5:10) Shepley/Brand
06 Ophelia (2:38) Shepley/Brand
07 Long River (6:41) Shepley/Brand
08 Grace (3:17) Shepley/Brand
09 Polly Von (5:01) Aridas/Benvenga/Brand/Cris/Shepley
10 Good Company (1:44) Shepley/Brand

(Dl-75262) released 1970 by MCA Records/Decca

USA   : MCA Records/Decca  - LP - Dl-75262
Japan : MCA Records - LP - MCA-5072 (1971*WLP)
Australia : MCA Records/Astor  - LP - MAP/S-4212
New Zealand : MCA Records/Allied Intl. - LP - MAP/S-4212 

Band line-up
Peter Cris (drums) Peter Criss credited as Peter Cris.
Michael Benvenga (bass, vocals)
Mike Brand (guitar)
Chris Aridas (guitar)
Peter Shepley (lead vocals)

guest musicians :
John Cale (viola solo on track 7 and 10)
Steve Loeb (piano on track 8)

Produced by Lewis Merenstein. 
Recorded at the Electric Lady Studios and Vanguard Studios in NYC, NY, 1970.
Co-produced and engineered by Ron Johnson.

1970 - Chelsea : album cover - large image
1970 - Chelsea : New Zealand - MCA Records/Allied Intl. - center-ring

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Audio Samples 

Rollin' Along
Let's Call It A Day
Silver Lining
All American Boy
Hard Rock Music
Long River
Polly Von
Good Company


Peter Criss (official)

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