CRISS demo
previously unreleased songs played live

played live during: 1995

01  Beg, Borrow and Steal (0:00) Criss/ Montague/ Ebs/ McLaughlin
02  Called You Crazy (0:00) McLaughlin / Criss/ Montague/ Ebs
03  Knock Out (0:00) unknown *
04  My Reality * (0:00) Criss/ Montague/ Ebs
05  Seeds (aka "No Evil") * (0:00) Criss/ Montague/ McLaughlin/ Ebs
06  Leave Me Alone * (0:00) Criss/ Ebs/ McLaughlin/ Montague
07  (Hey) Adalyne * (0:00) McLaughlin/ Montague/ Ebs
08  Shut Up * (0:00) CRISS (the band)/ Eddie Rogers

Band-line up
Peter Criss (drums, lead vocals, percussion)
Mark Montague (bass)
Jason Ebs (lead vocals, guitar)
Mike McLaughlin (lead guitar)

These tracks are played live during the "Bad Boys Of Kiss Tour" (with Ace Frehley) but never made it on an album-release ...... 

All tracks (except track 03) : co-written by Jason Ebs, CRISS final vocalist.

Track 05 : is also demoed by CRISS in the studio, with Jason Ebs sharing vocals with Mark Montague.

Track 07 : A song mainly written by Angel and Jason Ebs (Peter Criss named it) called "Adalyne", was recorded by SKOFF *, but never by demoed by CRISS.

Track 08 : The song "Shut Up" : sometimes referred to "Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place" or "Don't Look Down". During live performances of this song Peter Criss would sometimes use it for his drumsolo.

* Eddie Rogers (co-writer of "Shut Up") was the drummer who replaced Peter Criss when Peter rejoined KISS for the reunion. CRISS the band transitioned to become SKOFF, which released on CD.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Audio Samples 

Called You Crazy (live)

Knock Out (live)
My Reality (live)
Seeds (live)
Leave Me Alone (live)


Jason Ebs (KISSfaq 2002)

Mike McLaughlin (KISSfaq 2006)


Peter Criss (official)

Jason Ebs (facebook)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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