SHAMELESS ; Splashed

Released : September 16,  2002
Produced by : Alexx Michael and Keri Kelli
Time: 40:23 (+ MPEG1 bonus video's: 21:20)

01  Don't Hesitate (3:36) Michael
02  Love Game (3:50) Michael
03  Goodbye 2 U (3:58) Kelli
04  Toy Human (3:38) Michael/ B.C.
05  She's Not Comin' Home (4:07) Aeriel Stiles
06  I Love The Way (U Make Me Sick) (3:07) Michael
07  U & I (3:09) Michael
08  Change Your World (3:46) Kelli/ Michael
09  Operator (3:46) Kelli
10  Wild In The Night (3:38) Michael/ B.C.
11  Getaway (6:40) Michael
CD-Rom Multimedia
01  Don't Hesitate (03:47) MPEG1 video clip
02  Tour video 2000  * (17:33) MPEG1 video

The "Tour video 2000" features live, backstage and other footage filmed September/ October 2000. During this period  Shameless did a small Tour, performing at Kiss Expo's in Holland and Germany. Together with TUFF singer Stevie Rachelle the band played songs from their first two albums "Backstreet Anthems" and "Queen For A Day", besides a couple of Kiss tunes "Tomorrow", "Do You Love Me", "King Of The Night Time World" and "Lick It Up".
The Tour video contains a full version of the Kiss classic "Lick It Up" performed with Bruce Kulick.

(RSR 1999 77-2) original release September 2002

Europe : RSR Music - compact disc - RSR 1999 77-2

musicians :
Alexx Michael (bass,  backing vocals)
Steve Summers (lead vocals, except track 6 and 11, backing vocals)
Stevie Rachelle (lead vocals on track 6 and 11, backing vocals)
Keri Kelli (guitars, backing vocals)
B.C. (guitars, backing vocals)
Mike Fasano (drums, except track 5)
Kari Kane (drums on track 5)
Armin Zelzer (backing vocals)
Gernot Kroiss ( backing vocals)
Zee Zee Dean ( backing vocals)
Oliver Monroe (backing vocals)

*Bruce Kulick (guitars on videotrack "Lick it Up" (full version) and "Do You love Me" (footage)

Produced by Alexx Michael and Keri Kelli.
Mixed by Oliver Monroe and Alexx Michael.
Recorded at "For the Gods", Irvine, California, January 2002, and "Monroe Studio's", Munich, Germany, April/May 2002.

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