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Kiss Related Recordings would like to thank the following artists, bands, companies and other persons for helping and supporting the website.


Alex Fedotov - Alexx Michael (Shameless) - Andrew Elt (Sleeze Beez) - Bootcamp - Bruce Kulick - Chris Catena - EMC Records - Eric Singer -  Federico Flora - Gabriel Ravarini - Giacomo Gigantelli (Italians Kiss Better) - Giuliano Silva Ognio (Peru) - Hans Beljaards (AOR-Dreamzones) - Ivo Tap (Mascot Records) - Jason Ebs (CRISS) - Jean Beauvoir - Jesse Damon (Silent Rage) - Jiri Fialka - Joop v/d Pelt (Kiss Kollector, Holland) - Jorge Justo (Mexico) - Julian Gill (Kiss Faq) - Kai Roen - Kiss Forever (Kiss Tribute band, Hungary) - Miguel Lomlomdjian (Kissteria Argentina) - Mike Japp - Mike Ruzek - Mikel Black (Kiss Fan Tributes) - Mitch Weissman - Mikko Kapanen ( - Norm Huizenga - Ole Sørensen (a.k.a. MC Peko for the KISS bands tree) - Pat Sommers - Patrice 'Sandman' Beaudette - Phil Naro - Punky Mendoza (Heavy Pettin') - Rainer Janssen - Robert Allen Abrams (aka Rockin' Bob) - Rosetta Stone - Shock (Kiss Tribute band, Holland) - Sweet Pain (Kiss Tribute band, Holland) - Thorbjörn Brorsson - Tim Karr (Trigger Daddy) - Tod Howarth - Unmasked (Kiss Tribute band, Brazil) - Urban Fagerholm - Zoran Mstitel



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