Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip (2022)  Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip 2LP + MC (2022)
Bound For Hell : On The Sunset Strip

Released : October 28, 2022
Produced by : various
Time 2LP / CD : 00:00
Time bonus music cassette : 00:

01 Stormer (2:52) Going To The City
02 L.A. Rocks (4:28) Cocaine
03 Max Havoc LTD (3:30) Bound For Hell
04 Jaded Lady (3:21) Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Pretty
05 Steeler (3:45) Ready To Explode
06 Lizzy Borden (2:34) No Time To Lose
07 Sin (5:18) On The Run
08 Black 'N Blue (3:53) Give Em The Old 1, 2, 3
09 Bitch (4:02) Damnation Alley
10 Romeo (4:21) Feeling To Rock
11 V.V.S.I (3:31) Savage Kind Of Girl
12 Hellion (5:28) Up From The Depths
13 Angeles (4:07) Blade Of Steel
14 Knightmare II (3:19) Cold Reception
15 Witch (3:36) Cinderella (In Black Leather)
16 Reddi Killowatt (4:09) Liquid Lady
17 Armored Saint (2:53) Lesson Well Learned
18 Leather Angel (3:55) We Came To Kill
19 Rough Cutt (3:02) Take It Or Leave It
20 Lisa Baker (3:51) Fool Of Lies
21 Odin ( 3:51) Judgement Day

Bonus music cassette
01 Black 'N Blue (4:12) Rules Were Made To Be Broken
02 Lisa Baker (3:31) Every Girl Got A Fantasy
03 Stormer (3:40) Driving
04 Odin (5:34) Midnight Flight
05 Leather Angel (3:52) Need Your Love

* bonus music cassette only with the Poser Proof Die Hard Edition 2LP box set with a 144-page hardbound book on Translucent Red Vinyl with Bonus Cassette EP - Limited to 500 copies (exclusive to the label's website).

USA : Numero Group - compact disc - NUM080CD
USA : Numero Group - 2×LP Box Set - N080
USA : Numero Group - Die Hard Edition 2×LP Box Set Red Translucent vinyl
         + bonus cassette 5 track EP - NUM080LP-C2

details on track 07 : Sin - On The Run (1985 version)

Sin is :

Rik Fox (bass)
Frank Starr (lead vocals)
Mark Anthony (drums)
Jay Kristi (guitars)
Richie Martel (guitars)

guest musicians
Tommy Thayer (backing vocals)
Patrick Young (backing vocals)

Produced by Dana Strum.

In 1984 Rik Fox 'reformed' SIN with a new line-up (Mach II), and re-recorded "On The Run" with VINNIE VINCENT INVASION bassist Dana Strum producing their 1985 demo.
The result was a demo that turned the heads of all the major labels at the time! 
It was believed, that since Strum was (then) bassist for the VINNIE VINCENT INVASION (who, incidentally, ripped off FOX's SIN material for his 2nd album "
All Systems Go" while listening to the SIN mix-downs with Strum), and they had a contract with Chrysalis Records, then it would be Strum who would get a piece of the action by getting SIN signed to Chrysalis as well. The results were, they turned out the demo from Hell, and Strum's input saw the SIN sound go deeper towards a hook-oriented version of Judas Priest! 
His road-ripper "On The Run" (penned by FOX and a favorite with their following), was a biker song in true biker fashion, telling the story of a biker on his way across country "...If you live for the road and you wanna be free"... This song was ripped off by VINNIE VINCENT and re-named "Let Freedom Rock" with Strum and Vincent conspiring behind it all the way, only having the lyrics re-written to poorly cover it up.

More info on SIN (feat, Tommy Thayer on backing vocals) plus a KRR interview with
Rik Fox :
click here

details on track 08 : Black 'N Blue - Give Em The Old 1, 2, 3 (1982)
and music cassette track 01 : Rules Were Made To Be Broken

Black 'n Blue 1982 is :
Jamie St. James (lead and backing vocals)
Tommy Thayer (lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals)
V.Ripper (rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals)
Patrick Young (bass, backing vocals)
Peter Holmes (drums)

"Give Em The Old 1, 2, 3" and "Rules Were Made To Be Broken" are the first two BLACK "N BLUE demos to be recorded which had their copyright registered in February 1982.

more details will follow

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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