TED NUGENT : Little Miss Dangerous
Little Miss Dangerous

Released : 1986
Produced by : Ted Nugent, Pete Solley, Michael Verdick
Time : 39:33

01 High Heels In Motion (3:34) Nugent/Amato
02 Strangers (3:45) Nugent/Conti
03 Little Miss Dangerous (4:46) Nugent
04 Savage Dancer (3:50) Nugent
05 Crazy Ladies (3:38) Nugent
06 When Your Body Talks (3:12) Nugent/Scott/Schultz/Cates
07 Little Red Book (3:02) Bacharach/David
08 Take Me Away (3:00) Nugent/Amato
09 Angry Young Man (3:54) Nugent
10 Painkiller (5:51) Nugent

(7 81632-1/2/4) released 1986 by Atlantic Records

USA     : Atlantic Records - LP / compact disc / music cassette - 7 81632-1/2/4

musicians :
Ted Nugent (lead an background vocals, guitars, bass, percussion)
Dave Amoto (rhythm guitar, Roland synthesizer guitar, lead an background vocals)
Michael Mason (drums, percussion, background vocals)

Additional musicians:
Joe Galdo (drums and percussion)
Duane Hitchings (drums and percussion)
Ricky Phillips (bass, background vocals)
Jay Ferguson (bass)
Larry Dermer (keyboards and synthesizers)
Pat Leonard (keyboards and synthesizers)
Hawk Wolinski (keyboards and synthesizers)

Tommy Thayer (background vocals on "Angry Young Man")
Jamie St.James (background vocals on "Angry Young Man")
Carmine Appice (background vocals on "Angry Young Man")
Bobby Columby (background vocals on "Angry Young Man")
Douglas Banker (background vocals)
Rick Baron (background vocals)
Sandy Slavin (background vocals)
Robby Weaver (background vocals)

Produced by Ted Nugent, Pete Solley, Michael Verdick.
Recorded at :
- Channel Recording, Burbank, CA, April to July 1985. Engineered by Michael Verdick.
- Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, FL. October to November 1985.
Engineered by Pete Solley and Jim Sessody.
Mixed by Pete Solley and Ted Nugent.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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