RAAL - Alright OK - 1989
Alright OK

Released : 1989
Produced by : Rafael Villafane
Time : 35:08

01 Alright OK (4:40) Villafane / Senker / Faubert
02 Little Girl (4:19) Villafane / Senker / Faubert
03 Like A Rolling Stone (4:55) Bob Dylan
04 Losin' You (4:01) Villafane
05 Alright OK (acid mix) (4:40) Villafane / Senker / Faubert
06 Little Girl (acid remix) (4:31) Villafane / Senker / Faubert
07 Like A Rolling Stone (acoustic) (4:51) Bob Dylan
08 Losin' You (Sykes mix) (3:11) Villafane

Mexico     : Baby'O Records and Tapes - compact disc/ music cassette - BO-1002-89

musicians :
Rafael Villafañe (RAAL) : lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards

Tommy Thayer (backing vocals)
Jamie St. James (backing vocals)
Dennis St. James (backing vocals)
Tony Cavazo  (backing vocals)
Jeff Labansky (backing vocals)

Ed Navarro (guitars, backing vocals)
Eric Lowen (guitars, backing vocals)
Michael Thompson (guitars)
Mark Slaughter (guitars)
Ray Faubert (guitars)
Dana Strum (bass)
Steve Kobashigawa (bass)
Davey Farragher (bass)
Bobby Rock (drums)
John Keane (drums)
Michael Finnegan (keyboards)
Greg Huwitz (keyboards)

Produced by Rafael Villafane.
"Like A Rolling Stone" co-produced by Dana Strum.
"Alright OK" and "Little Girl" co-produced by Enrique Senker.

Recorded in Los Angeles at  Baby' O Recorders, Studio B, Cherokee, Westlake, Skyline.
Mixed by Steve Sykes at Studio B Skyline.
Engineered by Mikey Davis, Nick Els, Steve Sykes, Craig Johnson, Chris Huston.
Assistent Engineers : Ed Torgerson, Sarah Garman, Craig Johnson, Leon Grandos, Frank Garfi, Marvin Morris.
Mastered Bernie Grundman.
Mastering by Chris Bellman.

Extra NOTES :
Rafael Villafañe is a Mexican musician, singer, composer and multi instrumentalist, in Mexico known as Raal.
Besides Tommy Thayer (KISS, Black 'n Blue) the album features guest appearances by Dana Strum and Mark Slaughter, at that moment (1989) ex Vinnie Vincent Invasion, while they formed SLAUGHTER with Bobby Rock on drums (who also appears on this RAAL release).

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Tommy Thayer (official)

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