Shake City

Recorded : 1992
Released : July 21, 2009
Produced by : Erik Turner & Tommy Thayer
Time : 46:35

01 One Good Reason  (3:32) Shore / Thayer
02 Hot Love (3:41) Shore / Thayer
03 Betty Blue (3:49) Shore
04 Get It While Itís Hot (4:06) Shore
05 Submarine (4:49) Gladstone / Shore
06 Little Lianne (3:48) Shore / Bump
07 Lust & Love  (3:27) Shore / Bump
08 Psychedelic Ride (4:25) Shore / Turner
09 Sweet Dreams (3:40) Shore
10 Canít Get Over You (4:36) Shore / Turner
11 Game Of War (3:29) Jani Lane
12 Bad On Wheels (3:13) Shore

(ER00005) released 2009 by Eonian Records.

USA  : Eonian Records - compact disc - ER00005

Adam Shore (lead vocals)
Don E. Sachs (guitar, vocals)
Michael Blair (guitar)
Ray Bailey (bass, vocals)
Jaycee Cary (drums)

additional guest musicians :
Ethan Gladstone (guitar on tracks 5, 8, and 9)

Produced by Erik Turner and Tommy Thayer.
Executive Producer : Stephen Craig.

Tracks 01 - 04, 06, 07, 09 - 11 Recorded and Mixed by Mikey Davis at Fort Apache Studios, Hollywood, CA - between August and November 1990.

Tracks 05, 08 and 12 Recorded and Mixed by Pat Regan at Fortress Recorders, Hollywood, CA, - August 1991.

Extra Notes (promo letter) :
The year was 1987. Hair-sprayed, high-octane, hook-drenched hard rock ruled the radio. It was also the year Shake City was born. 

Shake Cityís formation owes a debt to Warrant. In Warrantís young, hungry, club-blasting early days, they were fronted by talented singer named Adam Shore, but by the time Warrant started climbing the ladder of mainstream success, Adam was persona non grata and Jani Lane had taken his place. 

Cue guitarist Don E. Sachs, alerted to Shoreís powerful vocal prowess by a mutual friend. A meeting took place in Hollywood in late 1986; the two guys hit it off really well, and the band Hot Wheelz was born, eventually evolving into Shake City, a name chosen in part because of the groupís location on the earthquake-prone west coast. Rounding out Shake Cityís roster was guitarist Michael Blair (who happened to be Erik Turnerís cousin), bassist Ray Bailey, and drummer Jaycee Cary. In 1992, at the tail end of the bandís all-too-short career, Blair was replaced by guitarist Ethan Gladstone from the band Taz. 

Fueled by hard rock passion and eager to live up to their name, the band barreled into the club circuit, starting with the Troubadour before embarking on a rockiní rampage through popular Sunset Strip clubs like The Roxy, Whiskey-a-Go-Go, The Central, and Coconut Teazer, as well as other L.A. clubs such as The Marquee, FM Station, and The 
Country Club. Not content to be just local L.A. boys, the band ventured out of state, playing Rafters in Salt Lake City, Rock-It and Other Place in Florida, and Mason Jar in Phoenix. During this time, Shake City rocked out alongside the likes of Kiss, Swinginí Thing, Helter Skelter, Cherry Street, Taz, Roxanne, Pair-a-Dice, Warrant, Britny Fox, and Wikked Gypsy, to name just a few. 

Some of the songs that shook the walls of those legendary venues were co-written by Tommy Thayer of Black N Blue fame, as well as Erik Turner and Jani Lane of Warrant, so it should come as no great surprise that the band cites both bands as being major influences on their sound, along with Bon Jovi, Kix, Aerosmith, and Kiss. 
All the band ever wanted to do was satisfy their fans by serving up the kind of hard rocking tunes that get your fists pumping and your head banging, 80s-style, of course. Working with Thayer, Turner, and Pat Regan in the studio, they were able to accomplish that goal. 

But despite having the hooks and the looks, the sound to astound, despite playing all the right clubs, knowing all the right people, and getting covered in all the right magazines, Shake City never cracked the so-called big-time. 
Blame it on a changing musical climate (grunge was coming into vogue), blame it on the fact that there were a lot of bands doing the same style of hard rock, blame it on the fact that Shake City didnít resort to cheap novelty gimmicks like guzzling blood or setting themselves ablaze on stage. Blame it on whatever you like. Whatever the case, after five years of making some serious noise, Shake City fell silent in 1992, right around the time the L.A.Riots turned the city into a hell-zone. The band members went their separate ways and drifted down different roads and Shake City was never to be heard from again. 

Until now, seventeen years later, Shake Cityís music is resurrected and once again available to hard rockís legions of faithful followers. Because sometimes you just canít keep a good band down.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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SHAKE CITY (Eonian Records)

Eonian Records

Tommy Thayer (official)

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