TOSHI - Mission 1994

Released : June 1, 1994
Produced by : ?????
Time : 55:02

01 Rusty Eyes (5:08) Toshi / Niihara / Ferrari / Tommy Thayer
02 Lady (6:08) Toshi / cha cha maru
03 Bless You (6:24) Toshi / Hajime Ozu
04 Chase of Times (4:38) Toshi
05 Get-up-and-go (4:18) Toshi / Niihara / Ferrari / Bob Kulick
06 Heart of the Back (5:33) Ikki Matsumoto/ Toshi
07 Always (5:30) Toshi / Shuichi Aoki
08 Intermission (2:31) Toshi / cha cha maru
09 Love Dynamics (4:14) Toshi
10 Looming (4:32) Toshi / Shuichi Aoki
11 Moonstone (6:05) Toshi / cha cha maru

(BVCR-657) released 1994 by BMG Victor, Inc. (Japan)

Japan  : BMG Victor, Inc. - compact disc - BVCR-657 (Exclusive Release Japan)

musicians :
Toshimitsu Deyama (lead vocals, guitar, piano)
Cha-Cha-Maru (guitar)
Shuichi Aoki (guitar, bass, keyboards)
Toshimi Nagai (bass)
Kozo Suganuma (drums)
Tetsuya Kudo (drums)
Shusei Tsukamoto (keyboards; (backing vocals))
Reizi (backing vocals)
Kuma (backing vocals)
Kyoji (backing vocals)
Maxayne Lewis (backing vocals)
Marva King (backing vocals)
Lynne Fiddmont-Linsey (backing vocals)

further details currently unknown

Extra NOTES :
Second solo album by X (Japan) vocalist Toshimitsu Deyama.
X is best known for band leader YOSHIKI (drums, piano) who covered KISS "Black Diamond" for
"KISS MY ASS - Classic KISS Regrooved" and his appearance on QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor's solo album "Happiness?" on the song "Foreign Sand" (1994).
On "Mission", the song "Rusty Eyes" is co written by Loudness singer Minoru Niihara with Marc Ferrari and Tommy Thayer. 

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Toshi (official)

X Japan (official)

Tommy Thayer (official)

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