LIVE4WIN - The Paul Stanley Tribute
LIVE 4 WIN  (Italy)
The Paul Stanley Tribute (6 track EP - digital download)

Released : March 9,  2011
Produced by : Roberto Arduini
Time : 24:

01  Live to Win (3:09) A.Carlsson-D.Child-P.Stanley
02  Hide Your Heart (4:26) D.Child-H.Knight-P.Stanley
03  Bulletproof (3:03) A.Carlsson-H.Sommerdahl-P.Stanley
04  A Million to One (4:14) P.Stanley-V.Vincent
05  Magic Touch (4:26) P.Stanley
06  Tonight You Belong To Me (4:43) P.Stanley

Italy : independent release - digital download @

musicians :
Giacomo Gigantelli (lead vocals, guitars)
Gionata Bellei (lead guitar, vocals)
Damiano Battaglia (bass, vocals)
Roberto Gambarelli (drums, vocals)
Roberto Arduini  (keyboards, vocals)

Produced by Roberto Arduini.

LIVE 4 WIN - Band info :
Another group with KISS in the blood and born from the prolific guitar of Giacomo Gigantelli, former Spitfire, Sunsetskool and Juliet Kiss.
Live 4 The Win is a tribute to the legendary KISS front man Paul Stanley and who if not the best Italian Paul Stanley could take the lead?
Band mates are other three great musicians, well-known faces in the music and Italian biz with the thousands of hours and miles on the shoulders of playing on stages and in the studio, Gionata Bellei (Coffee Overdrive,
Electric Circus) on lead guitar, Damiano Battaglia (Ecromad) on bass and Roberto Gambarelli (Electric Circus) on drums. Beginnings of 2011 Roberto Arduini (keyboards) joins the band.
Live 4 Win plays the setlist of the live show Stanley toured around the world promoting his latest (2006) solo album “Live to Win” with a rock energy and attitude that has few equals in Italy. Just listen and see the many videos circulating on youtube to realize what you will get on stage, four giants of rock with huge technical skills an international feel and... "Born to win!

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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LIVE4WIN - The Paul Stanley Tribute - digital download

Live 4 Win
digital download ( € 5,00)


Giacomo Gigantelli

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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