Christine Sixteen : A High-School Tribute To KISS
Christine Sixteen 2
Another High-School Tribute To KISS

Released : May, 2007
Producer : Patrice "Sandman" Beaudette
Time : 78:22

01 Jungle (6:37)
02 Baby Driver (3:23)
03 Got Love For Sale (3:32)
04 War Machine (3:58) 
05 Shock Me (3:37)
06 Deuce (3:03)
07 God Of Thunder (3:26)
08 Watchin’ You (3:50)
09 Master & Slave (4:57)
10 Creatures Of The Night (4:01)
11 Larger Than Life (3:55)
12 100,000 Years (3:19)
13 Dirty Livin’  (4:10)
14 Charisma (4:34)
15 Into The Night (4:06)
16 Black Diamond  (4:50) 
17 Gene Simmons interview  (13:04) by Mitch Lafon, June 9th, 1980

Canada : independent label - compact disc -  FRONT0002A

musicians :
Pascal Madore (guitars)
David Bérubé  (bass)
Francis Riendeau (drums, except track 06, 07, 08)
Angelo Coppola (drums on track 06, 07, 08)

Cassandra Goudreau (lead vocals on track 01, 10, 16)
Jessica Scalabrini (lead vocals on track 02, 04, 07, 13)
Cassandra Markey (lead vocals on track 03, 05, 12)
Nadia Goudreau (lead vocals on track 06, 11)
Jessica Dionne (lead vocals on track 08, 14)
Jessika Groleau (lead vocals on track 09)
Carolyne Bédard (lead vocals on track 11)
Nicolas Maurais (lead vocals on track 15)

All singers are students from Polyvalente La Frontalière Highschool, located in Coaticook (Québec, Canada).

Additional vocals by Patrice Beaudette and David Bérubé.

Produced by Patrice "Sandman" Beaudette.
Associated Producer : David Bérubé .
Vocals arrangements by Jessika Groleau.
Engineered by Julien Fortin.
Recordings at Studio d'Enregistrement Musical (SEM) 1492 Inc., Waterloo, Qc, Canada.

Angelo Coppola drumtracks (track 06, 07, 08) are recorded at The Subterranean Studio in Mount Clemens (MI) under the supervision of engineer Will Tompkins.

Extra NOTES :

Canadian longtime KRR contributor Patrice Beaudette is producing his second KISS tribute with students from Polyvalente La Frontalière Highschool, located in Coaticook (Québec, Canada) he is working for.
The music will be recorded by professional musicians while the singers will be students from the school. 

Christine Sixteen 2 will be available ONLY through

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Christine Sixteen 

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