A Detention Hall Tribute to KISS
A Detention Hall Tribute to KISS
(free download)

Free download : November 2006
Time : 73:53

01 Intro  (1:42)  Written by Stephen Lord
Performed by Stephen Lord and Megan Edwards

02 Detroit Rock City (4:16)  Lead Vocals: Chris Tucker 
Drums/Vocals: BJ Tucker 
Guitar, Bass, and Vocals: Jim Tucker

03 Ladies Room (2:56)  Music : Allen Dunn
Vocals: Ken Mills

04 See You Tonight (2:34)  Music, vocals : originals 

05 I Stole Your Love (3:26)  Bass, drums, vocals: Chris Edwards
Guitar: Whpprsnpprr

06 It Never Goes Away
(6:46)  Music, vocals : BungeeAZ 
07 Wouldn't You Like To Know Me  (3:35)  Music, vocals : Lovebots 
Bass, vocals : Charlie Koci  
Guitar, backing vocals : Gary Shaller
Drums : Chris Howard

08 Let Me Know (3:23)  Music : Allen Dunn
Vocals : James Hager and Chris Stokley from the Electric Pepperoni Experience 
09 Tears Are Falling
(3:41)  Music : Chris Edwards
Vocals : Norm Huizenga
10 Love Em, Leave Em (3:51)  Guitar, bass, lead vocals : Jim Tucker
Drums, vocals : BJ Tucker 
Vocals : Chris Tucker 
11 2000 Man
(3:16)  Vocals an Music : Whpprsnpprr
12 A World Without Heroes (5:44)  Music, vocals, arrangement : 
Gary Shaller
13 Two Timer /
     Seduction of the Innocent
(3:20)  Guitars, drums, vocals : originals 
Bass : BungeeAZ
14 Hate
(4:06)  Music, vocals : Chris Edwards
15 Do You Love Me (3:11)  Vocals : Ken Mills
Guitars, bass : Chris Edwards
Drums : James Hager
16 Strange Ways (3:55)  Drums, lead Vocals : BJ Tucker 
Guitar, bass, and vocals : Jim Tucker
Vocals : Chris Tucker 
17 Beth (2:15)  Vocals : James Hager
Music : Destroyer Sessions Bootleg 
18 Not for the Innocent (4:28)  Music, vocals : BungeeAZ 
19 Black Diamond (5:18)  Music : Allen Dunn
Vocals : James Hager
20 Outro  (2:10)  Stage rap from the Indianapolis, IN 2004
Stage Rap: Paul Stanley 
Music (Got to Choose) : Carolyn Foss
"Mom": Lucretia "Ferk's mom" Hager 
"Johnny and Vocals": James Hager

USA : no label / free MP3 download

Production: James Hager & Chris Edwards.

This KISS tribute album canít be bought. It was a pet project of various members of the KISS message board The KISS Army Detention Hall. 

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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