HARD TO BELIEVE - A Kiss Covers Compilation

Released : 1993
Produced by : various producers
Time :

01 Detroit Rock City (4:11) Bullet La Volta
02 Parasite (2:51) Smelly Tongues
03 Snowblind (3:53) Skinyard
04 Deuce (2:58) Tree People
05 Christine Sixteen (2:51) All
06 Calling Dr. Love (4:08) Hullabaloo
07 God Of Thunder (4:52) The Melvins
08 Beth (1:17) Coffin Break
09 Rip It Out (2:29) Chemical People
10 I Want You (3:09) King Snake Roost
11 Do You Love Me (3:32) Nirvana
12 Lick It Up (5:01) Hard-Ons

USA : Waterfront - C/Z records - compact disc - CZ-024

(by Dale Sherman - Black Diamond 2) :
This album was originally released overseas and arrived in America in 1993. Included on this never-licensed by KISS or PolyGram album was a group that was to do very well within the next few years, Nirvana.
KISS has threatened to sue the label due this album, then decided to release their own cover album instead, which is where the initial idea for "Kiss My Ass" came from. C/Z Records would reissue "Hard To Believe" in 1994 to sponge off of possible sales for the other album, and included in their revised version of the cover artwork (which had become a black cover with gray lettering and lipstick representing the "I" in Kiss - see next tribute album) a message to Gene which read: "Love ya Gene, baby... please do not sue us." This album, its reissue and the "Kiss My Ass" album has lead to other cover album as well, including the Norwegian album "Flaming Youth" and then an Ace Frehley tribute album in 1996, among others.
The original cover of the album featured artwork of the four original members in their make-up with their images warped just enough to avoid possible legal prosecution. The original pressing of the album also included a gatefold which opened to display a variety of KISS merchandise, including a Vinnie "WIZ" Vincent doll.
The American version of the album (and reissue) contains some different tracks than the Waterfront version: "Hellmen", "Whipper Snappers", "Surfin Caesars" and "Plunderers" are gone, with "Hullabaloo" ("Calling Dr. Love"), "Threepeople" ("Deuce") and "Melvins" ("God Of Thunder") taking their places.


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