Italians KISS Better
An Italian Tribute To Kiss

Released : December 2003
Produced by : Azzurra Music and Giacomo Gigantelli
Time : 67:00
(1st pressing)
Time : 71:18 (2nd pressing with bonustrack)

01  I Was Made For Lovin' You (4:28)  Juliet KISS (tribute band) 
02  Tomorrow and Tonight  (3:12)  Spit  (cover band)
03  Deuce (3:36)  Kiss Konfusion  (tribute band) 
04  Detroit Rock City (4:15)  Kissexy (female tribute band) 
05  Firehouse  (3:27)  Strange Ways  (tribute band) 
06  Strutter  (3:40)  Landslide Ladies  (glam rock) 
07  Lick It Up (4:49)  Kiss Unmasked  (tribute band) 
08  100.000 Years (4:02)  Markonee  (hard rock)
09  I Still Love You (5:30)  War Machine  (tribute band)
10  Shout It Out Loud (3:00)  Destroyer  (female tribute band) 
11  Shock Me (3:51)  Strip Kiss   (tribute band) 
12  C'mon and Love Me (3:12)  Magic Touch  (tribute band) 
13  Let Me Go Rock 'n' Roll (3:20)  Demon 'n' Kisses  (tribute band) 
14  Cold Gin (5:33)  Z-A-P  (cyber glam band) 
15  A World Without Heroes (3:31)  Priori / Luppi (nu-metal) 
16  I Love It Loud (live) (4:11)  ELECTRIC CIRCUS (tribute band) 
17  Rock 'n Roll All Nite (4:21)  Italian jam
18  Love Gun * (3:27)  Arthemis (speed/ power metal)

* track 18; 
bonus track on the unlimited edition (with regular booklet): released September 2004

(TRI1092) released by Azzurra Music, December 2003

Italy : Azzurra Music - compact disc - TRI1092
Italy : Azzurra Music - compact disc - TRI1105 (2004 version with bonustrack)

This Tribute compilation features the most brilliant Italian Kiss Tribute Bands, along with many other bands and solo artists, delivering newly arranged versions of most of Kiss Classic Songs. This project is the first of its kind in Italy, an enthusiastic way to pay homage to the 30 years of Kiss History.
The first printing is released December 2003 as a limited edition containing a 'rich' booklet. After March 1st 2004, the regular version (with regular booklet) will be on sale, which contain 1 bonustrack ("Love Gun" by Arthemis).

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Azzurra Music




Michele Luppi

Roberto Priori


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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