KLA : Fractured Mirror (2022)  
Fractured Mirror

Released : September, 2022
Executive Producer : Johnny Hawk
Time : 42:

01 Radioactive (3:52) Simmons
02 Let Me Go Rock Rock 'n Roll (2:18) Simmons / Stanley
03 Shout It out Loud (2:49) Simmons / Stanley / Ezrin
04 Calling Dr. Love (3:39) Simmons
05 Love Em, Leave Em (3:44) Simmons
06 Tomorrow and Tonight (3:37) Stanley
07 It's Alright (3:43) Stanley
08 Rip It Out (3:40) Frehley / L.Kelly / S.Kelly
09 Magic Touch (4:34) Stanley
10 Save Your Love (4:42) Frehley
11 Fractured Mirror Frehley (5:28)

Canada : self release - compact disc (250 copies)

musicians :
Johnny Hawk (lead guitar on all tracks; rhythm guitar on track 02, 10, 11)
Ken Reichard (keyboards, backing vocals and vocals on track 01, drums on track 03, 10)
Kaylee Reichard (violin, keyboards, vocals and instrumentation intro on track 01)
Chris Ricci (vocals on track 01, 02, 04; bass on track 02, 04)
Jeff Kinsley (lead vocals on track 03; rhythm guitar on track 03)
Metal Mike (vocals on track 05; bass on track 05, 06, 07, 11;
                  backing vocals on track 04, 06)
Scott Leifer (lead vocals on track 06, 07)
John Thompson (lead vocals on track 08, 10; rhythm guitar on track 08)
Glen Walker (lead vocals on track 09; rhythm guitar on track 09)
Yudai Moriya (rhythm guitar on track 04, 07)
Glen Walker (rhythm guitar on track 05)
James Dunham (rhythm guitar on track 06)
Keith Norton (acoustic guitar on track 11)
Ivan Bacares (bass on track 01)
Rick Friel (bass on track 03, 09)
Terry Kalogeros (bass on track 08)
Anton Samford (bass on track 10; keyboards on track 11)
Travyss (drums on track 01)
Patrick O'Neil (drums on track 02, 06, 07)
Rob Santos (drums on track 04)
Chad 'Captain Killdrums'Walls (drums on track 05, 08, 09)
Michael Andreson (drums on track 11)

Tribute album by members of KISS Live Auctions,
which CD project is organized by Johnny Hawk.
100% of the proceeds raised goes to Breast Cancer Research.

The KLA Fractured Mirror disc is dedicated to the Memory of Eric Carr, Mark St. John, Bob Kulick, Bill Aucoin, Neil Bogart, Michael James Jackson, Sean Delaney, JR Smalling, Gary Corbett Ken Kelly & Francis Steuber.

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