MARCEESE : Baby Driver (2013)  
Baby Driver

Released : April 18, 2013
Produced by : Ed St. Moses
Time : 46:19

01 Strutter (2:29) Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons
02 Tomorrow (3:16) Paul Stanley, Vini Poncia
03 Doný You Let Me Down (3:58) Peter Criss, Stan Penridge
04 Baby Driver (3:45) Peter Criss, Stan Penridge
05 Sure Know Soemthing (5:19) Paul Stanley, Vini Poncia
06 Hooked On Rock 'n'Roll (3:33) Peter Criss, S. Penridge, V. Poncia
07 Room Service (2:56) Paul Stanley
08 What's On Your Mind (3:24) Ace Frehley
09 Mr. Make Believe (4:47) Gene Simmons
10 Baby Driver (reprise) (1:56) Peter Criss, Stan Penridge
11 Cold Gin (10:33) Ace Frehley

released 2013 by Blow Till Midnight Records, Germany.

Germany : Blow Till Midnight Records - compact disc and digital download


Acoustic & electric guitars, bass, vocals, cajon, harp, claps and tambourine by Marceese.
Recorded, mixed and produced by Ed St. Moses February 5th-8th, 2013 at Zico Recordings.

Extra NOTES : 
From : Kiss Related Recordings
"Baby Driver" is a Folk Music Tribute album by Berlin artist Marceese, so don’t expect loud guitars … Personally, I don’t have any musical ability with folk music, so to give this album any connection to KISS related music, this well produced disc sounds similar to Peter Criss’
CHELSEA  / LIPS 1970 - 1972 demo’s, meaning completely purged songs compared to the versions which ended on Peter Criss 1978 solo album.
To give an idea what Marceese’s “Baby Driver” Tribute to KISS is all about ;
Imagine yourself with a couple of friends on the beach during a hot summer night, one or two acoustic guitars, a bit of percussion, handclaps, some six-packs, a bottle of whiskey, campfire, … and sing-along songs “Strutter” and “Tomorrow”…
Some of the arrangements have a sort of (unintentional ?) Latin twist, what makes you feel you need someone to dance with in the sand … ("Don’t You Let Me Down", "Baby Driver"), while other songs got some dramatically ‘serious’ emotions after having a couple whiskey’s, "Sure Know Something", "Mr. Make Believe" and the ballad-like version of “Cold Gin”…
The overall conclusion is, this is not a regular Rocking KISS Tribute album, but if you’re open-minded to hear KISS music re-arranged to folk music …This is one of the very few little pearls in KRR’s tribute section !!

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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MARCEESE : Baby Driver (2013)

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MARCEESE (official)

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