No Balls Records Boxset
A No Balls Records Tribute to KISS
Tribute to KISS  (4x 7" single on black vinyl with silkscreened B-side & box)

Released : May, 2008
Produced by : various producers
Time : 00:00

1st. 7"  Deuce (live) (3:35)  Adam West 
2nd. 7" C'mon And Love Me (2:40)  The Strap-Ons
3rd. 7"   Rip It Out (3:28)  Electric Eel Shock
4th. 7" Black Diamond (2:41)  Chuck Norris Experiment

4x 7" single on black vinyl with silkscreened B-side & box

Germany :  No Balls Records - Box with 4x 7" single - NBR025 (100 copies pressed)*

* due to an error at the pressing plant there are a 10 overpressed vinyls left

Each song on this tribute was originally sung by one of the 4 original Kiss members.

All singles are individually sleeved and everything is packed in a cardboard sleeve, along with a paper inlay sheet.

"Deuce" by ADAM WEST has already been released on the 2003 sampler "Where The Bad Boys Rock Vol.II", but his version for the No-Balls-Records-Tribute box set is a live version, which is not identical with his studio version of "Deuce".

"Rip It Out" by ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK is partially sung in Japanese language (not the chorus, but the verses). No surprise though because E.E.L. is a Japanese band.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



No Balls Records

Adam West (MySpace)

The Strap-Ons

Electric Eel Shock

Chuck Norris Experiment

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y




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