Phil Proietti - A YouTube Tribute to KISS and Paul Stanley  (2020)
Phil Proietti
A Tribute to KISS and Paul Stanley
(on YouTube only)

clips published between : May 2, 2020 - December 27, 2020
Produced by : Phil Proietti
Time :

01  Hotter Than Hell / Got To Choose
      (featuring Paul Stanley)
(4:55) published May 2, 2020
             YouTube video
02  Detroit Rock City / Love Gun
      (featuring Paul Stanley)
(5:06) published May 24, 2020
             YouTube video
03  Crazy Crazy Nights
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:55) published June 27, 2020
             YouTube video
04  Creatures of the Night
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:56) published July 29, 2020
             YouTube video
05  Tears Are Falling
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:50) published August 13, 2020
             YouTube video
06  Psycho Circus
(4:45) published August, 2020
             YouTube video
07  Hide Your Heart
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(4:53) published August 27, 2020
             YouTube video
08  Turn On The Night
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:13) published September 4, 2020
             YouTube video
09  I Still Love You
(3:13) published September 10, 2020
             YouTube video
10  Reason To Live
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:58) published September 18, 2020
             YouTube video
11  I Was Made For Lovin' You
(4:29) published September 25, 2020
             YouTube video
12  Heaven's On Fire
(3:44) published October 30, 2020
             YouTube video
13  Who Wants To Be Lonely
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:33) published November 13, 2020
             YouTube video
14  I Stole Your Love
(3:32) published November 20, 2020
             YouTube video
15  I Pledge Allegiance To The State
                                                    Of Rock & Roll

(3:35) published November 28, 2020
             YouTube video

16  Dreamin'
(4:01) published December 16, 2020
             YouTube video
17  Forever
      (featuring Bruce Kulick)
(3:41) published December 27, 2020
             YouTube video


Italy :  published and available at YouTube .

musicians :
Phil Proietti (guitar, bass and vocals)
Paul Stanley (guitar on track 01 and 02 by using existing recordings taken from YouTube)
Bruce Kulick (guitar on track 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 10, 13 and 17 by using existing
                                                                                recordings taken from YouTube)
Gabriel Connor (bass on track 08)
Keysha Veen
(bass on track 10)
Saverio Federici (drums)
Cristian Pratofiorito (Symphony Orchestra programming on track 11)

Recorded during (Covid-19) quarantine 2020.

Biography :
Phil Proietti (Filippo Proietti) was born in Italy in 1991. As a child he showed passion for music. His father led him to discover the music of Elvis Presley and all the American and English bands. He started to play guitar and to sing at the age of 12 and after he finished school he decided to work as a musician/singer in the U.S.A .

At the age of 15 he started to play with Fever, a band from his hometown of Terni. They recorded and released a hard rock album which was distributed in the States as well, but after that he quit the band to continue his solo career. In 2013 Phil was contacted by Carnival Cruise Lines to perform on their ships as singer/guitarist so he accepted and they collaborated until the end of 2015.

In 2015 also, he released his first solo album which is the beginning of a new era for him.

In 2016 starts his partnership with the high quality handmade guitar brand Franz L.A. and handmade amps Mezzabarba Custom Amplification. He spent time in Las Vegas.

In 2017 Phil attends the NAMM convention in Los Angeles as artist for Mezzabarba Custom Amplification and he had also the chance to perform on the main stage of the Gibson stand with Lorenzo Cantarini from Dear Jack, a well known Italian band.

In Late 2017 starts working for Norwegian Cruise Lines as Singer/Guitarist, with lots of success the company gives him and his partner Keysha the honor to open on the brand new ship NCL BLISS in April 2018.

Phil is a charismatic person who’s got a real passion for music. He always tries to connect with his listeners and his listeners with his dreams. Helped by his parents, especially his dad, he is making his dreams come true with hard work and learning from others.

He also believes in regular fitness exercises and a healthy diet. He strictly believes that a healthy lifestyle improves your way to live in everything you do, from love to work.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


YouTube video's 

Phil Proietti's YouTube channel


Phil Proietti (facebook)

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