Music from The FAQ VII
Dave Darroch
Ripping Through The Covers

Released : April 2021
Produced by : Dave Darroch
Time : 58:

01  I Stole Your Love (3:24) David Comer (lead vocals)
02  Not For The Innocent (4:42) Ypke Dijkstra (lead vocals)
03  Is That You ? (3:44) Rab Bay (lead vocals)
04  Who Wants To Be Lonely (4:08) Tom Davenport (lead vocals)
05  Got To Choose (3:44) Marty McStravick (lead vocals)
06  Charisma (4:20) Lunchhi (lead vocals)
07  A Million To One (4:22) Michael Rockert (lead vocals)
08  Sword And Stone (3:56) Ypke Dijkstra (lead vocals)
09  Rocket Ride (4:12) David Comer (lead vocals)
10  The Oath (4:38) Tom Davenport (lead vocals)
11  Strange Ways (3:30) Sammy Calderone (lead vocals)
12  Modern Day Delilah (3:56) James Sprandel (lead vocals)
13  Rip It Out (3:42) James Donnelly (lead vocals)
14  Almost Human (2:50) Michael Rockert (lead vocals)
15  Makiní Love (3:25) Ypke Dijkstra (lead vocals)

UK : private self release - compact disc
UK : private self release - digital album (free download)

musicians :
Dave Daroch (UK) - all instruments on all tracks

David Comer (USA) - lead vocals on track 01, 09
Ypke Dijkstra (Netherlands) - lead vocals on track 02, 08, 15
Rab Bay (Australia) - lead vocals on track 03
Tom Davenport (UK) - lead vocals on track 04, 10
Marty McStravick (Northern Ireland) - lead vocals on track 05
Lunchhi (USA) - lead vocals on track 06
Michael Rockert (USA) - lead vocals on track 07, 14
James Sprandel (USA) - lead vocals on track 12
Sammy Calderone (Chile) - lead vocals on track 11
James Donnelly (USA) - lead vocals on track 13

All instrumental tracks recorded, mixed and produced by Dave Daroch (UK).
Recorded between January - April 2021.

Extra NOTES :
Out of love for the band Kiss Dave Darroch recorded several instrumental tracks.
After that he looked for singers through Singers from around the world contributed. By the end of April 2021 the album saw a limited private release on CD.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Dave Darroch (facebook)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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