Christine Sixteen : A High-School Tribute To KISS
The Athens High School Choir
The Elder

Released : 1996
Producer : CRUZ
Time : 72:24

01 Prologue (Odyssey) (1:28)
02 Ceredigon (3:39) 
03 Today (3:40)
04 Only You (4:03) 
05 Just A Boy (3:36)
06 Dark Light (4:43)
07 Mr. Blackwell (4:27)
08 Children (2:22)
09 Just Once (2:50)
10 The One You Run To (3:17)
11 The Abduction of Kyra (Carr Jam) (0:39)
12 Under The Rose (3:31)
13 Walking In Your Sleep  (2:33)
14 The Oath (4:35)
15 The One You Run To (reprise) (2:21)
16 Martya's Prayer  (2:04) 
17 TWho Hears the Listener ? (3:02)
18 Miles Away, Worlds Apart  (4:39)
19 A World Without Heroes (2:16)
20 Take Me Home (2:22)
21 Escape From The Island  (4:30) 
22 The Vows  (1:51) 
23 (3:47) 

independent label - compact disc -  ............

Notes :
Highschool Musical Project by Athens Highschool, 
601 W Limits Rd, P. O. Box F, Athens, WI 54411.

additional music written and performed by Cruz.

Story and Production :
As we said before, "The Elder: A New Musical" began as most projects, with a desire to do something that hadn't been done before. In the spirit of Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter and other 'family' members, being told we couldn't accomplish this fueled the fire all the more. A dream became a reality when Gene replied via KISS Nation and gave us his blessings.
Our stage version, at 2+ hours in length, had to be obviously extended beyond the 11 tracks and mystic paragraphs of the original album. A classic in most KISS fans' eyes, an aberration in others, we saw in "The Elder" an epic tale of good vs. evil, obstacles to be overcome, and ultimately a tale of belief in yourself and the people you call friends. KISS' music is so powerful in any context, here it is equal to the tale of a hero and champion. Our 'man/child' "Aerick" (named for the late, great Eric Carr) comes of age in a story that is set in 11th Century England. The malevolent character of "Blackwell" was so well defined in Gene's tunes that it was easy to bring him to the control of an ancient Druid power: The Dark Light. This dramatic device allows "Blackwell" great powers and special FX possibilities.
Most of our expansion revolves around the background of the Council of the Rose, Aerick's childhood and friends, and the kingdoms threatened by "Blackwell's" hordes. New music involves solos and ensemble numbers for females, and supporting cast members, as most of the original album played to the "Champion," "Blackwell" and The Council of the Elders. Our sets include mountains, castles, wastelands and "Blackwell's" underground lair, dubbed 'Aberran Caverns.' (a deviation of the word aberrant)
KISS symbolism abounds. "Blackwell" has, for his amusement, a jester of sorts named "S'sik" who dresses in black, white and silver and has an amalgam make-up job of Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter's faces! The Council Chamber of the Rose is adorned by four banners heralding the four virtues that the Council upholds: courage, love, faith and hope. The banners are colored red, blue, purple and green after the KISS solo albums. Everyone has images of what "The Elder" means to them, we hope our vision is worthy of a small place in hearts of fans and Kisstory, and musical theater in general.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Athens High School, WI

CRUZ Productions

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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