UNPAINTED - A Tribute To Kiss
A Tribute To Kiss

Released : August 20, 2002
Produced by : various producers
Time : 46:09

01  Master & Slave (4:56) Dear Victims
02  Tears Are Falling (3:11) America To Mars
03  Dance All Over Your Face (4:17) Pale Blue Dot
04  Forever (3:54) Kiss Cover Show
05  Crazy, Crazy Nights (3:57) Oregon Dream Child
06  Who Wants To Be Lonely (3:37) Star 2 K
07  Thrills In The Night (4:20) Unmasked
08  Lick It Up (4:21) Kisskonfusion
09  Heaven's On Fire (3:24) Cyrcle IX
10  Thief In The Night  (4:11) Kiss Forever Band
11  Unholy (3:29) Killaroo
12  Let's Put The X In Sex (2:32) The Pornographs

(SBR1001) released 2002 by Shark Bite Records.

USA : Shark Bite Records - compact disc - SBR1001

The "Unpainted - A Tribute To Kiss” tribute only covers the "non-makeup" era. 
Features tracks by AMERICA TO MARS (featuring former Tuff Luck guitarist Dave Scott), STAR 2K (former members of Jagged Edge and Gods Gift), PALE BLUE DOT (featuring former members of Vandal), respected Kiss cover bands such as KISS COVER SHOW, UNMASKED, KISSKONFUSION, KISS FOREVER BAND, and DEAR VICTIMS, among others.

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