A Tribute To Van Halen (metal vs. electronica)

Released : October 1999
Produced and mixed by : various producers
Time : 57:

01 Unchained (4:09) (KMFDM remix)
02 Ain't Talking About Love (4:53) (Razed In Black remix)
03 So This Is Love? (3:05) (Sheep On Drugs remix)
04 Running With The Devil (3:43) (Sigue Sigue Sputnik remix)
05 Little Guitars (3:04) (The Electric Hellfire Club remix)
06 Dance The Night Away (4:36) (Nitzer Ebb remix)
07 Hot For Teacher (4:56) (Astralasia remix)
08 Everybody Wants Some (3:42) (Spahn Ranch remix)
09 Ice Cream Man (3:25) (Naked Lunch remix)
10 Atomic Punk (4:58) (PIG remix)
11 Panama (4:22) (Rosetta Stone remix)
12 Feel Your Love Tonight (4:18) (Intra-Venus remix)
13 Dance The Night Away (4:08) (Pigface remix)
14 D.O.A. (3:46) (Interface remix)

(CLP-0698-2) original release 1999 by Cleopatra Records

USA : Cleopatra Records - compact disc - CLP-0698-2

musicians / Details on Track 7 :
Bruce Kulick (guitars)
John Corabi (vocals)

musicians (complete list) :
Track 01 : Jack Russell (vocals), Dweezil Zappa (lead guitar), Bart Walsh (rhythm guitar)
Track 02 : Pretty Boy Floyd
Track 03 : Jeff Scott Soto (vocals), Blues Saraceno (guitars)
Track 04 : Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Bob Kulick (guitar), Bart Walsh (guitar)
Track 05 : David Glen Eisely (vocals), Bart Walsh (guitar)
Track 06 : Kevin Dubrow (vocals), Bart Walsh (guitar)
Track 07 : John Corabi (vocals), Bruce Kulick (guitar)
Track 08 : Fizzy Bangers: Chuck Bernal (vocals and guitar)
Track 09 : Gilby Clarke (vocals and guitars)
Track 10 : LA Guns: Jizzy Pearl (vocals), Tracii Guns (guitar)
Track 11 : Kelly Hanson (vocals), Bart Walsh (guitar)
Track 12 : Marq Torien (vocals and guitars)
Track 13 : Bang Tango: Joe Leste (vocals), Mark Tremalgo (guitar)
Track 14 : Silver Jet

Track 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, : Vocals and guitars produced by Bob Kulick. 
Track 01 : Remixed by GŁnter Shultz.
Track 02 : Remixed by Romell Regulacion.
Track 03 : Remixed by Lee Fraser.
Track 04 : Remixed by Tony James.
Track 05 : Remixed by The Electric Hellfire Club.
Track 06 : Remixed by Julian Beeston.
Track 08 : Remixed by Matt Green.
Track 10 : Remixed by Ramond Watts and Ranch Apocalypse.
Track 13 : Remixed by Martin Atkins.
Track 14 : Remixed by Julian Synne.

Comments :
Probably the worst Tribute album mentioned on the KRR-site. 
All songs are electronic dance versions with overdubbed vocals and guitars. 
Because most of the beats stays the same over the whole song,  it's very boring to listen to. To much electronics, drum computers, noises......
The version of "Hot For Teacher" by John Corabi and Bruce Kulick is questionable.

The only words sung(??)  in the song are ".....teacher" and  "Got it bad, Got it bad", repeating these very few words over and over again.... there's a little guitar-solo in it, which means that the rest of the song is a pure electronic drum beat........... 

This album is much different to the KISS dance tribute "A Dance Orgasm" which contains 26 songs all mixed together and most of the songs are no longer then a minute or 2, which means that the beat is changing over and over again.......... and most important -without raping the original song !

Overall some of the musicians on this tribute got a second chance to re-record their Van Halen cover version for the much better "
Van Halen - 2000 Tribute", which is still a Hard Rock Tribute ..... of course.
For that one Jack Russell and Dweezil Zappa covered the same song, as well as Jeff Scott Soto with Blues Saraceno, David Glen Eisley, Stephen Pearcy and John Corabi with Bruce Kulick....

I'm still wondering why respectable musicians want to get involved in such a product....
You've been warned..........

Comments by Jelle Jansen

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A Tribute To Van Halen


Bruce Kulick (official)

John Corabi (official)

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