unreleased studio album
acetate / unreleased studio album

Unreleased : 1976 - 1977
Produced by : Felix Cavaliere
Time :

full tracklist - unknown  
00 Rack 'Em Up (0:00) Fred Lipsius
00 African Plains (0:00) Fred Lipsius
00 Knock On Wood (0:00) Fred Lipsius
00 Ichabod's Last Ride (0:00) Fred Lipsius

USA     : Columbia/Epic - LP - unreleased

musicians  :
Fred Lipsius  (piano, synthesizer, clarinet on "Rack 'Em Up"; saxophone;
                    electric alto saxophone on "African Plains" and "Knock On Wood"
Vinnie Vincent , aka Vinnie Cusano (electric guitar on a few tunes)
Jack Scarangella (drums)
Jimmy Fielder (bass)

further details unknown.


All tracks composed and Arranged by Fred Lipsius.
Produced by Felix Cavaliere.
Engineered by Rick Rose assisted by John Conventino.
Recorded at Conneticut Recording Studios, Bridgeport CT.
Mixed at Columbia Recording Studios, New York City, NY.

further details unknown.

Extra Notes : (by Julian Gill)
While working at Connecticut Recording Studios, Felix was producing an album for former Blood, Sweat, and Tears member Fred Lipsius. A Billboard magazine news item (Billboard 10/2/76) indicated that the album had been mixed in New York in late-1976 and was pending release via Epic/CBS, the same label as Treasure. Fred recalled that Vinnie was a "good 'groove' player, and creative." Unfortunately the Lipsius album was shelved after it was completed due to politics (personnel changes) at the record label (Epic).
Of course, BS&T is of a genre opposite to later style that put Vinnie's name on the public radar; pre-1982 he was in a totally different school of sound. Other than playing, and the ability to play, whatever was necessary to pay the bills, in this case jazz.
This album was cancelled after the mixing stage due to a change in leadership at the record label.

KRR likes to thank
Curt A. Rivard Sr. for adding the song titles and more detailed credits.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Fred Lipsius (official)

Fred Lipsius (facebook)


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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