Kid Cashmir and Winnie LeCoux
Kid Cashmir & Winnie LeCoux 
Happy Birthday U.S.A. 
(7" single)

Released: 1976
Produced by: Ed Sprigg
Time : 05:57

01  Happy Birthday U.S.A. (3:19) Cashmir / LeCoux
02  The Exorcism Of Kazcnyz (2:38) Sprigg / Cashmir

(HB-10579) released 1976 by Phantom Records

USA : Phantom Records -  7" single  -  HB-10579
USA : Phantom Records -  7" single  -  JH-10579 (double A-side promo single)

musicians : 
Kid Cashmir (David Wolff) - Lead Vocals and Keyboards
Winnie LeCoux (Vinnie Cusano) - Lead Vocals and Guitars


Vinnie Vincent sing and plays guitar on side A, and plays guitar on side B.
Produced by Ed Sprigg for Spoof Productions

Extra details from : PYROMESSIAH
Vinnie's First Professional Recording Surfaces

In 1976, many people in the United States were caught up in the celebration of the Bicentennial of the birth of the country. People showed their patriotism in different ways, but two young songwriter/musicians from Connecticut chose to show their patriotism in the form of the song “Happy Birthday U.S.A.” While unknown at the time, both of these young songwriters would go on to become famous just a few years after this song was recorded.

The two men responsible for writing and recording this song are Vinnie (Vincent) Cusano and David Wolff (best known for dating Cyndi Lauper and being her former manager). Both men were from Connecticut, so it is very likely that this is where the two met and recorded the song.

The interesting thing about “Happy Birthday U.S.A.” is that neither man is credited on the record by their actual names as having performed on the song or as having written it. Instead, the song is credited as being both performed and written by “Kid Cashmir & Winnie LeCoux.” Wolff (Cashmir) sings lead vocals and plays keyboards, while Vinnie (LeCoux) plays guitars and also sings lead vocals.

Based on the timing of this recording, it is quite likely that it is the very first professional recording by Vinnie Vincent. It’s likely that the song was written and recorded in the first half of 1976, so that it would be out in time by July 4th of the same year.

While both the Library of Congress and the single itself credit “Happy Birthday U.S.A” as being written by “Kid Cashmir and Winnie LeCoux,” the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) credits the song as being written by Vincent Cusano and David Wolff. The ASCAP listing for the song also makes note of the song being performed by “K. Cashmir” and “W. LeCoux."

- Kid Cashmir & Winnie LeCoux  (1976 - 7" single center ring - large)

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Audio Samples 

Happy Birthday U.S.A.

The Exorcism Of Kazcnyz

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