HEAT - Revisited (2013)

Released : July 17, 2013
Produced by : Tom Saviano
Time : 00:00

01  Pickin'& Choosin' (5:32) Saviano
02  Up To You (5:47) Saviano
03  Side Steppin' (5:13) Saviano
04  Still Waiting (4:05) Saviano/Arnold/Wolfert
05  Whatever It Is (5:53) Saviano/Arnold
06  Don't You Walk Away (4:22) Saviano
07  This Love That We've Found (6:14) Saviano/Arnold
08  Follow You Home (4:17) Saviano/Sheridan
09  What Does It Take * (4:26) Saviano
10  Don't Waste A Minute * (4:55) Saviano
11  Give It A Chance (5:25) Saviano/Arnold
12  Take Me There (4:12) Saviano/Arnold
13  Carry On * (3:39) Saviano
14  Try It * (3:58) Saviano/Arnold
15  Don't Waste A Minute (SDC)* (5:17) Saviano
16  Venus * (5:12) Robert van Leeuwen

* previously unreleased tracks

(VSCD-3565) released July 17, 2013 by MCA Records

Japan : Vivid Sound - SHM-CD - VSCD-3565

Heat is :
Tom Saviano (sax, keyboards, background vocals)
Jean Marie Arnold (vocals)
Ed Whiting (vocals)

Full details on track 09 :
"What Does It Take"
(Written, arranged and produced by Tom Saviano)
Drums: Gary Mallaber
Bass: Eddie Watkins Jr.
Rhythm guitar and HARN: Bruce Gaitsch
Piano: Tom Saviano
Lead guitar: Vinnie Cusano
Lead and background vocals: Jean Marie Arnold and Joe Pizzulo
Horn section: Sarah Underwood Saviano and Tom Saviano

additional musicians :
Vinnie Vincent (guitars on track 09)
Bill Champlin,
Tamara Chaplin
Vinnie Colaiuta
Michael O’Neill
Charles “Icarus” Johnson
Nathan East
Carmen Grillo
Bruce Gaitsch
Neil Stubenhaus
Paul Jackson Jr.
Carmen Grillo
Bill Bodine
Harvey Mason

Produced and Arranged by Tom Saviano.
All arrangements by Tom Saviano except :
- "Follow You Home"; Strings arranged by David Diggs.
- "Side Steppin'" and "Still Waiting" arranged by Bill Reichenbach.

Tom Saviano met Vinnie Vincent at the same studio where Saviano did some early work for Vini Poncia, at Fidelity Recording, Artie Ripp's studio, which is now Studio City Sound. For a a while Vinnie Vincent was doing session work there and hanging out at that studio. In 1981 Tom Saviano was doing some of the demos for the 2nd HEAT album "
Still Waiting". Together with Vinnie Vincent they tracked a song entitled "What Does It Take". The song was in the running for the "Still Waiting" album, but was pulled off because HEAT kept the album R&B. Still, Vinnie Vincent was credited as Vincent Cusano on the liner notes of the "Still Waiting" album.

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Vinnie Vincent vs. HEAT

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What Does It Take


Tom Saviano (2013)


Tom Saviano (official)

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