VIRTUAL INVASION - Young Blood, Young Fire (2018)
Young Blood, Young Fire
(digital single)

Released : December 25, 2018
Produced by : Virtual Invasion
Time : 04:33

01 Young Blood, Young Fire (4:33) Vincent

independent release, available as digital download at :
- iTunes

musicians : 
Rick Rici (vocals)
Yukihiro Omura (guitars)
Damian Bonadono (bass)

Notes : 
Produced by Virtual Invasion.
Mastered at SoundLab.

Extra NOTES :

Young Blood, Young Fire is a song written by Vinnie Vincent, and first appeared on the 1987 - 1988 VINNIE VINCENT with JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Publishing Tape. The song is recorded with Goran Edman on vocals for VINNIE VINCENT's 1989 - 1990 demo.

Virtual Invasion is a musical collaboration of musicians from various parts of the world paying homage to guitar virtuoso Vinnie Vincent. The band line up consists of vocalist Rick Rici from Brazil, guitarist Yukihiro Omura from Japan and bass guitarist Damian Bonadono from the United States. The idea for Virtual Invasion was first conceived in 2014 when the members decided to record a new version of the Warrior/Vinnie Vincent Invasion song titled "Back on the Streets".

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Young Blood, Young Fire


Audio Samples 

Young Blood, Young Fire

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