Invasion 2CD digi-boxset (Special edition, 1000 copies only)

Released : March 14, 2003
Produced by : Vinnie Vincent and Dana Strum
Time : 00:

CD 1. Invasion (1986)
01 Boyz Are Gonna Rock (4:56) Vincent
02 Shoot U Full Of Love (4:42) Vincent
03 No Substitute (3:52) Vincent
04 Animal (4:39) Vincent
05 Twisted (4:33) Vincent
06 Do You Wanna Make Love (3:22) Vincent/Fleishman
07 Back On The Streets (4:48) Vincent/Freeman
08 I Wanna Be Your Victim (4:35) Vincent
09 Baby-O (3:44) Vincent
10 Invasion (5:24) Vincent/Fleishman

CD 2. All Systems Go
01 Ashes To Ashes (5:02) Vincent
02 Dirty Rhythm (3:37) Vincent
03 Love Kills (5:33) Vincent
04 Naughty Naughty (3:29) Vincent
05 Burn (4:37) Vincent
06 Let Freedom Rock * (5:30) Vincent
07 That Time Of Year (4:42) Vincent
08 Heavy Pettin' (4:10) Vincent
09 Ecstasy (4:35) Vincent
10 Deeper And Deeper (3:54) Vincent
11 Breakout (3:59) Vincent
* "Let Freedom Rock" incl. "Star Spangled Banner Intro"

(ZCRCD86BOX) original release 2003 by Zoom Records (ltd. ed. 1000 copies only)

UK : Zoom Club Records - 2CD - digi boxset - ZCRCD86BOX 

Band line-up disc 1:
Vinnie Vincent (guitars and duet vocal on "Back On The Streets")
Dana Strum (bass)
Bobby Rock (drums)
Robert Fleischman (lead vocals)

Band line-up disc 2 :
Vinnie Vincent (guitars)
Dana Strum (bass)
Bobby Rock (drums)
Mark Slaughter (lead vocals)

NOTES disc 1 :
Produced by Vinnie Vincent & Dana Strum.
Recorded at Baby 'O Recorders, Hollywood, CA, January -March 1986.
Mixed at Cherokee Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA, April 1986.

NOTES disc 2 :
Produced and arranged by Dana Strum & Vinnie Vincent .
Recorded and Mixed at Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Drums recorded at the Sunset Landmark Theatre, Hollywood, CA.
Engineered by Mikey Davis.

* "Let Freedom Rock" incl. "Star Spangled Banner Intro", which is listed separately on the Japanese release.

The original "All Systems Go" CD bonus tracks, "The Meltdown" and "Ya Know - I'm Pretty Shot", are excluded from this Zoom Records release.

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Invasion 2CD digi-boxset
(Special edition, 1000 copies only)



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