The Eternal Idol demo's with Ray Gillen

Recording sessions : 1986 - 1987
Produced by : Jeff Glixman
Time : 00:

Studio demo 1
01 The Boogie Song (0:00) Iommi
02 Gypsy Warning (Black Moon) (0:00) Iommi
03 One in the Box (0:00) Iommi
04 Speedballs (Lost Forever) (0:00) Iommi
05 The Axeman (Ancient Warrior) (0:00) Iommi

Studio demo 2

Bootleg CD : Ray Gillen with Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol demo's
01 The Shining (6:35) Iommi
02 Ancient Warrior (5:40) Iommi
03 Hard Life To Love (5:29) Iommi
04 Glory Ride (5:22) Iommi
05 Born To Lose (with Guitar solo)  (3:43) Iommi
06 Nightmare (3:36) Iommi
07 Lost Forever (4:20) Iommi
08 The Eternal Idol  (6:49) Iommi

Studio demo 3

Bootleg CD : Black Sabbath - The Ray Gillen Years
01 Glory Ride (with Guitar solo & Extra ending) (5:15) Iommi
02 Lost Forever (with Guitar solo) (4:12) Iommi
03 The Eternal Idol (6:39) Iommi
04 The Shining (with Extra ending) (6:17) Iommi
05 Hard Life to Love (with Guitar solo) (4:52) Iommi
06 Ancient Warrior (with Guitar solo) (5:25) Iommi
07 Born to Lose (with Guitar solo)  (3:40) Iommi

Studio demo's 4
Official 12" maxi single : Black Sabbath - The Shining (Warner Bros)
01 Black Moon (original demo version) * (3:39) Iommi
02 Some Kind of Woman( studio outtake) * (3:15) Iommi

BLACK SABBATH : The Eternal Idol Working Tracks (bootleg Japan 2014)
Studio demo 5

Bootleg CD : Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol Working Tracks
01 The Shining (Alternate Lyrics & Guitar Solo) (5:46) Iommi
02 Lost Forever (Alternate Lyrics) (3:52) Iommi
03 Nightmare (Alternate Demo) (4:39) Iommi
04 Hard Life To Love (Alternate Lyrics) (5:04) Iommi
05 Born To Lose (Alternate Lyrics) (3:39) Iommi
06 Born To Lose (Backing Track) (3:34) Iommi
07 Glory Ride (Backing Track) (4:48) Iommi
08 Glory Ride (Guide Vocal) (4:36) Iommi
09 Some Kind Of Woman (Backing Track & Guitar Solo) (3:48) Iommi
10 Black Moon (Backing Track) (3:17) Iommi
11 Eternal Idol (Backing Track) (6:24) Iommi
12 Ancient Warrior (Backing Track & Guitar Solo) (5:40) Iommi
13 Ancient Warrior (Guide Vocal & Guitar Solo) (5:20) Iommi

Studio demo 1 - m
usicians :
Tony Iommi (guitars)
Eric Singer (drums)
Ray Gillen (vocals)
Dave Spitz (bass)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)

Studio demo 2 and 3 - musicians :
Tony Iommi (guitars)
Eric Singer (drums)
Ray Gillen (vocals)
Bob Daisley (bass)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)

Studio tracks 4 - musicians :
Tony Iommi (guitars)
Eric Singer (drums)
Tony Martin (vocals)
Dave Spitz (bass on track 2 "Some Kind of Woman")
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards, bass on track 1 "Black Moon")

Studio demo 5 - musicians :
Tony Iommi (guitars)
Eric Singer (drums)
Ray Gillen (vocals)
Bob Daisley (bass)
Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)

Studio demo 1 contains pre-production demos that were recorded at Air Studios, Monserrat between July and August 1986.

Studio demo 2 is recorded at Air Studios, Monserrat in October 1986.
Recorded after Bob Daisley’s arrival, since his lyrics are sung here by Ray Gillen. 
Studio demo 2 lacks guitar solos on almost all of the tracks except “Born To Lose”. 
This tape allows the opportunity to hear the bare rhythm tracks for the upcoming album.

Studio demo 3 was recorded a bit later and does contain guitar solos for all tracks except “The Shining”. It is this version that provides the most complete sounding version of the Eternal Idol demos.

November 1, 2010 Sanctuary/Universal UK released "
The Eternal Idol - Deluxe Edition", which contains a bonus disc with some tracks from the Ray Gillen Sessions.

Studio demo 4 songs are released only as the b-side for “The Shining” maxi-single in Europe (Warner Bros Records). 
The song "Some Kind Of Woman" was obviously left off the album because it is simply too different from the rest of the ETERNAL IDOL song list, sounding like something Van Halen might have recorded! 
The basic tracks for “Some Kind Of Woman” were recorded in Monserrat and contain the bass playing of Dave Spitz, making his first and only appearance on a Sabbath studio recording. Like “Black Moon”, it wasn’t an easy song to write lyrics for. So, it was left unfinished until Tony Martin was able come up with some words to finish it off. Iommi was a bit perplexed by the stuff that Martin came up with, but still decided to go with it in the end.
The demo for “Black Moon” demo was recorded during the final ETERNAL IDOL recording sessions in London, probably in August ’87. Originally titled “Gypsy Warning” when the band began jamming on this song earlier on in the sessions, it remained an instrumental until Martin laid down his vocals on this rendition.
Geoff Nicholls made his one and only appearance playing bass on a Sabbath studio album with this track. He also played the keyboards here as well.
Both Tony Martin and Geoff Nicholls have claimed credit for writing lyrics on this one. 
Black Sabbath re-recorded "Black Moon" for the 1989 "Headless Cross" album. 

Studio demo 5 is a Japanese bootleg CD release by Zodiac entitled "The Eternal Idol Working Tracks" (numbered CD, ZODIAC 073 - Japan 2014).
High quality demo tracks from the Eternal Idol recording sessions. The tracks are significantly different than all existing demos from Ray Gillen's time with the band.

November 1, 2010 Sanctuary/Universal UK released "
The Eternal Idol - Deluxe Edition", The additional tracks include 'Some Kind Of Woman' and 'Black Moon' (demo) on Disc 1.

By September 1986 the recording of the "The Eternal Idol" album had commenced and the majority of the backing tracks have been completed by mid-October that year.
Eric Singer would depart the band in January 1987, having already completed his drumtracks. By March 1987 vocalist Ray Gillen had quit the band.
They shortly thereafter hooked up with ex-Ozzy guitarist Jake E. Lee to form BADLANDS. 
The remaining Sabs (Iommi, Nicholls & Daisley) moved the recording sessions from Monserrat to London. Cash flow troubles forced the band to halt recording during the spring of ’87 and Bob Daisley left the band around this time. Recording resumed in August ’87 with Iommi bringing in vocalist Tony Martin to re-record Ray Gillen’s vocal tracks in just 8 days! Martin’s stiff performance was a result of having to mimic Gillen’s performance as closely as possible. The only remaining trace of Ray Gillen’s vocals left on the album was the laughter during the mid-section of “Nightmare”.

Thanks to Robert Dwyer
for final details.

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