Kanye West - College Dropout
The College Dropout

Released : February 10, 2004
Produced by : Kanye West
Time : 00:00

01  Intro (0:19) K.West
02  We Don't Care (3:59) K.West / R.Vannelli
03  Graduation Day (1:22) K.West
04  All Falls Down (3:43) K.West / L.Hill
05  I'll Fly Away (1:09) A Brumley
06  Spaceship  (5:24) D.Mills / G.Gordy/ K.West
07  Jesus Walks (3:13) C.Smith / K.West
08  Never Let Me Down (5:24) West/Carter/Richardson/Bolton/Kulick
09  Get Em High  (4:49) K.West / L.Lynn / T.K.Greene
10  Workout Plan (0:46) K.West
11  The New Workout Plan (5:22) K.West
12  Slow Jamz (5:16) B.Bacharach/H.David/C.Mitchell/K.West
13  Breathe In, Breathe Out (4:06) B.Miller / K.West
14  School Spirit Skit 1 (1:18) K.West 
15  School Spirit (3:02) A.Franklin / K.West
16  School Spirit Skit 2 (0:43) K.West
17  Lil Jimmy Skit (0:53) K.West
18  Two Words (4:26) C.Wilson / D.Smith / K.West / a.o.
19  Through The Wire (3:41) C.Weil / D. Foster / K. West / T. Keane
20  Family Business  (4:38) K.West
21  Last Call  (12:40) K.West / M.Perretta

(9862061) released 2004 by Roc-a-Fella.

USA     : Roc-a-Fella - compact disc - B0002030-02
Europe : Roc-a-Fella - compact disc - 9862061

Japan   :
Roc-a-Fella - compact disc - UICD-6084

details on Track 8 " Never Let Me Down ":
* Contains an interpolation of "Maybe It's The Power Of Love" (
Black Jack), 
   written by Michael Bolton and Bruce Kulick.
* Featuring Jay-Z, J. Ivy
* Background vocals by John Legend, Tracie Spencer
* Keyboards by Ervin "EP" Pope
* Guitar by Glenn Jefferey
* Sample recreated and performed by Ken Lewis

Bruce Kulick : "Also, back in 2003 I heard that some new rapper named Kanye West was 
covering a
Black Jack tune. Michael Bolton and I were quite pleased to see him go on and sell over double platinum. Here is the RIAA Multi-Platinum Award for the song he titled "Never Let You Down" from The College Dropout disc."


album details / musicians :
01. Intro (additional vocals by Deray)
02. We Don't Care (additional vocals by John Legend & Richard Watkins)
      contains a sample from "I Just Wanna Stop" (Jimmy Castor Bunch)
03. Graduation Day (piano & vocals by John Legend)
04. All Falls Down (featuring Syleena Johnson) - 
      contains an interpolation of "Mystery of Iniquity" (Lauryn Hill) 
05. I'll Fly Away (additional vocals by Tony Williams & Deray)
06. Spaceship (featuring GLC & Consequence) 
      (additional vocals by Tony Williams & John  Legend)
      contains a sample from "Distant Lover" (Marvin Gaye)
07. Jesus Walks - contains a sample from "Walk With Me" (Arc Choir)
08. Never Let Me Down (featuring Jay-Z & J. Ivy)
     additional vocals by John Legend & Tracy Spencer
     contains a sample from "Maybe Its The Power of Love" ( M. Bolton & Bruce Kulick)
09. Get Em High (featuring Common & Talib Kweli) additional vocals by Sumeke Rainey
10. Workout Plan (additional vocals by Candis Brown, Brandi Kuykenvall & Tiera Singleton)
11. The New Workout Plan (dditional vocals by John Legend & Sumeke Rainey) 
12. Slow Jamz (featuring Twista & Jamie Fox) / (additional vocals by Ayisha Tyler)
      contains a sample from "A House Is Not A Home"* (Luther Vandross)
13. Breathe In, Breathe Out (featuring Ludacris) 
14. School Spirit Skit 1 (additional vocals by Deray)
15. School Spirit (additional vocals by Tony Williams)
      contains a sample from "Spirit In The Dark"* (Aretha Franklin) 
16. School Spirit Skit 2 (additional vocals by Deray)
17. Lil Jimmy Skit (additional vocals by Deray & Tony Williams)
18. Two Words (featuring Mos Def, Freeway, The Harlem Boys Choir) 
      contains a sample from "Peace And Love"  (Mandrill)
19. Through The Wire (contains a sample from "Through The Fire" (Chaka Khan)
20. Family Business - 
      additional vocals by Thomasina Atkins, Linda Petty, Beverly McCargo, Lavel Mena
21. Last Call - Co-Produced by Evidence For Dilated Peoples
      additional production by Porse
      additional vocals by Tony Williams & John Legend 

Produced by Kanye West.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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