The Arockalypse

Released : February 22, 2006
Produced by : Jyrki Tuovinen
Time : 44:

01 SCG3 Special Report * (3:46) Lordi/ Kita
02 Bringing Back The Balls To Rock (3:31) Kita/ Lordi/ Lipp
03 The Deadite Girls Gone Wild (3:45) Lordi 
04 The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead (4:07) Lordi 
05 It Snows In Hell (3:37) Lordi/ Kita/ Lipp
06 Who's Your Daddy (3:38) Lordi 
07 Hard Rock Hallelujah (4:07) Lordi   
08 They Only Come Out At Night (3:39) Lordi/ Amen
09 The Chainsaw Buffét (3:47) Lordi 
10 Good To Be Bad (3:30) Lordi   
11 The Night Of The Loving Dead (3:08) Lordi   
12 Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms) (4:04) Lordi   

  "SCG3 Special Report" is sort of an intro that sounds like a radio report.  Voices on this track are Starbuck/Stoner Kings, Tracy Lipp, Alexandra Alexis and Dee Snider.

(82876789852) released February 22, 2006 by Sony / BMG Music Entertainment.

Finland / Sweden : Sony / BMG Music Entertainment - compact disc - 82876789852
Europe : Drakkar Records - compact disc - ....... (March 3, 2006)

LABEL : "It Snows in Hell" (featuring Bruce Kulick) CD-single
Finland : Sony / BMG Music Entertainment - CD single - 82876857282

Lordi is :
Awa (keyboards)
Amen (guitar)
Lordi (vocals)
Kita (drums)
Ox (bass)

additional guest musicians :

Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on "It Snows In Hell")
Dee Snider (voice on "SCG3 Special Report"
Udo Dirkschneider (guest vocals on "They Only Come Out At Night")
Jay Jay French (guest guitar on "The Chainsaw Buffét")

Produced by Jyrki Tuovinen.
Recorded and Mixed by Jyrki Tuovinen at Soundtrack Studios, Fried Studios, Johtoääni, Petrax, Jyrki'sTyöroom & Astala Studios (Finland).

- LORDI - It Snows In Hell feat. Bruce Kulick CDS (front cover)
- LORDI - It Snows In Hell feat. Bruce Kulick CDS (inside)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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