CAPTAIN SANITY - unreleased album
unreleased album

Recorded : 1972 - 1973
Produced by: Howard Boggess, Pete Shepley & Mike Brand
Time: 40:08

01 For Children (04:59) with Peter Criss
02 Once Before (03:50)
03 Nice To Know Somebody To Believe (04:04) with P.Criss & G.Simmons
04 Moonrider (05:07) with P.Criss & G.Simmons
05 Recent Days Of Desperation (02:28)
06 Whisper (05:39) with Peter Criss
07 Do The Moon (03:05) with Peter Criss
08 Death Rattle & Roll (11:00) with Peter Criss *

unreleased album

musicians  :  
Peter Criss (drums on track 01, 03, 04, 06, 07 and 08)
Gene Simmons (bass on track 03 and 04)
Peter Shepley (lead vocals).
Mike Brand (guitar)
Michael Benvenga (bass on track 01, 02, 05, 06, 07 and 08; vocals)

NOTES (Thanks to Ole Sørensen) :
Produced by Howard Boggess, Pete Shepley & Mike Brand.
Recorded at Vanguard Studios, Record Plant and Bell Sound Studios.
Track 03 and 04 are recorded at Bell Sound Studios.

Peter Criss brought in Gene Simmons to record bass at Bell Sound Studios.

* "Burned Out" is the title of the song (hidden track) that appears as an excerpt at the end of "Death Rattle & Roll". It was (first) demoed by Chelsea, before Stan Penridge joined, by Mark Brand and Peter Shepley.

During 1972 - 1973, allegedly, Peter Shepley and Mike Brand recorded an album for Dick James Music (DJM). The completed album would hit a stonewall after costing some $100,000 to produce. The album was completed but never officially released.

The picture on the album cover features Mike Brand and Pete Shepley (left to right).
NOTE : This album is unreleased, which means the image used to list this recording is not the (bootleg) album cover.

Mike Brand : "We had decided that we did not want the duo to be known as "Brand & Shepley" so I used the name "Captain Sanity" since it was a name that Pete & I kicked around from time to time (sort of like an alter-ego). The album itself probably would have been titled "Death Rattle & Roll" but I chose to post it on YouTube as "Captain Sanity" basically because the name was meaningful to me (and easily searched)".

Prior to
CHELSEA and CAPTAIN SANITY, Mike Brand and Pete Shepley were in the band  The OTHERS.  Pete Shepley died in 2014.
The surviving members of
The OTHERS organized a reunion in 2015 in coordination with their induction into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame.

NOTE : all listed details above are confirmed by Mike Brand.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


YouTube Audio Samples 

For Children
Once Before
Nice To Know Somebody To Believe
Recent Days Of Desperation
Do The Moon

Death Rattle & Roll

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