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song title covered by : year album-title
Strutter Unrest 1988 Malcolm X Park
CD : Teen Beat Records
Strutter God 1988 Going to Au-Go-Go (split 7")
7" : Au-Go-Go Records ANDA 73 (Australia)
Strutter Poltergeist 1989 Depression
CD : Century Media
Strutter Unrest 1990 Various Artists : On The Nineties Tip
CD : Caroline Records promo CD
Strutter Frozen Tears 1997 Silence Of the Night
CD : independent label FT-002 (Australia)
(as "První láska")
Benefit 1998 "1998" (Czech vocals)
CD : Benefit  (Czech Republic)
Strutter Bang Tango 1998 Untied and Live !!! (mini-CD)
CD :
Strutter Schleprock 1998 A Long Time Ago 1988-1992
CD : Cool Guy Records
Strutter The Donnas 1999 Soundtrack ; Detroit Rock City 
CD : Island Def Jam Group/ Mercury
Strutter See Stores For Details 2000 details unknown
CD : 
Strutter (live) Village Pistols 2000 Big Money (LP version only !)
LP : Rave Up 0007 (USA)
Strutter Masacre 2000 Muerte Verdadera Muerte
CD : Decade Records (Columbia)
Strutter Black Eyed Soul 2001 The Alien Peep Show
CD : Spooky Records 321-953-0162
Strutter Terry Vain and The Itch 2002 A Matter Of Time
CD : T.V.T.I. Music (Canada) independent
Strutter Los Fuocos 2005 professional private studio recording
unreleased (Italy)
Strutter Strutter Loves You 2008 Ichirow Iwata Mid90's Best Collection
CD : Big Rumble BRPCD-012 (Japan)
Strutter Drive-By Truckers 2010 The Big To-Do (ATO records)
(bonus track on digital download only)
Strutter Adam Bomb 2012 Rock on Rock Hard Rock Animal
(ltd 2CD version - only available at concerts)
Strutter Roadkill 2017 Garaged / Then and Now
digital album - no label :
Strutter The Fill Ins 2018 No Love Lost EP (self release)
Music Cassette / iTunes / Spotify / YouTube
Strutter Running Wild 2019 Crossing The Blades EP (Germany)
CDs : Steamhammer BMD-241342
Strutter Love, Lies and Fiction 2021 Strutter
digital single: Spotify
/ YouTube
newStrutter Soraia 2022 Bloom
CD / digital album: Wicked Cool Records
Nothin' To Lose Mutant Monster Beach Party 1997 High In The Low Seventies
CD : Main Man Records - MMR001
Firehouse Van Halen 1976 Played live during various 1976 concerts various bootleg CD's and audio tapes
Firehouse (demo) Doll (= pre Pretty Boy Floyd) 1986 demo
Firehouse Adam Bomb 2012 Rock on Rock Hard Rock Animal
(ltd 2CD version - only available at concerts)
Firehouse Warrior Soul 2020 Cocaine And Other Good Stuff
CD /LP : Livewire/Cargo Records
Cold Gin Chem-Dyne 1985 Bad Luck With Fast Food
LP : DirtyWaterRec /Toxic Dog Music DC007
Cold Gin Death Angel 1988 Frolic Through The Park
CD : CDENV-502 Enigma
Cold Gin (live) Pantera 1993 Vulgar Video (the video)
video : WEA / Atlantic
Cold Gin (live) Skid Row 1990 Oh Say Can You Scream (the video)
Warner Music Video
Cold Gin (live) Skid Row 1992 Various live bootleg albums
Cold Gin (live) Skid Row (+ Pantera with 
            special guest Ace Frehley)
1993 Road kill (the video)
Warner Music Video
Cold Gin Necro Tonz 1997 Are You Dead Yet?
CD : Last Beat Records
Cold Gin L.A. Guns 1998 Wasted (mini-CD)
CD : 
Cold Gin Bernard Edwards Project 
(hidden bonus track 1st pressing)
2000 Bernard Edwards Project Homicide
CD : Emerald City Records (ECPI 078902)
Cold Gin (karaoke) Sweet Georgia Brown ?? Classic Rock Pack (karaoke)
3CD :  DTS Karaoke (SGBCRPD)
Cold Gin  Shotgun Sacred 2005 A Dark New Order (EP)
CD : independent  (Australia)
Cold Gin Gurd 2009 Your Drug Of Choice (Switzerland)
CD : LC Rec./Non Stop Music - LC-CD002
Cold Gin Atkins / May (Project) 2011 The Serpents Kiss
CD : Gonzo -HST095CD
Cold Gin (live - April 28, 1989) Skid Row 2019 Skid Row - (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
digital download : Rhino Atlantic
Cold Gin Warrior Soul 2020 Cocaine And Other Good Stuff
CD /LP : Livewire/Cargo Records
Kissin' Time Lester Greenowski 2021 feat. Vinn Borawski (YouTube promo clip)
digital single : - self release (Spotify)
Deuce Red Kross 1984 Teen Babes from Monsanto
Vinyl EP : Gasatanka Records
Deuce (live) White Flag 1985 Feeding Frenzy
3 sided LP : Bootleg Records USA
Deuce White Flag 1986 Zero Hour
LP :
Deuce Adrenalin O.D 1987 Various Artists : Change the World
LP : LSR records
Deuce White Flag 1987 Wild Kingdom
LP : Gasatanka/LSR Records PF-14
Deuce (live) White Flag 1989 Skate Across America
LP :
Deuce (live) Danger Danger 1992 Live video Japan
video ; ????
Deuce 69 Eyes 1993 Music for Tattooed Ladies & Motorcycle ...
CDs : Gaga Goodies / Poko Rekords
Deuce Acid Drinkers 1994 Fishdick
CD :  Loud Out Records LOR100
Deuce Red Kross ??  18 Original performed by unoriginal artists
?? ;  Polygram
Deuce Red Kross ??  Soundtrack ; Bordello of Blood
Deuce Red Kross 1994 Trance
CD : Insipid Vinyl IV II
Deuce Bathory 1995 Octagon
Black Mark; ASIN: B000001H3Q
Deuce Fun Gögh ?? Cut Off Your Ear
CD :
Deuce (live) Ringworm 1996 The Promise (bonustrack on 2003 reissue)
CD : Deathwish Inc.
Deuce Overkill 1999 Coverkill
CD :
Deuce The Toilet Boys 1999 Various Artists ; Up In Flames (Vol. 1)
CD : Infernal Records
Deuce SADS 2000 Babylon
CD : EMI (Japan)
Deuce (live) M.ill.ion 2001 Get Millionized ! (compilation)
CD : A2 Records  A2CD02
Deuce  The Black Halos 2001 The Violent Years (on Japan version only !)
CD : Sub Pop Records  SPCD520
Deuce  Lava 2001 La Motocyclette
CD : 13 Records (Brazil)
free downloadDeuce (live) Pawnshop 2001 live at Folken, Norway, Dec. 28, 2001
internet : free download (Norway)
Deuce  Popium 2002 Permanently High    
CD : Music Network MNW CD381 (Norway)
Deuce Adam West 2003 V/A : Where The Bad Boys Rock
2CD : People Like You rec. PRISON 050-2
Deuce The Toilet Boys 2003 Live In London
CD : Oz It/ Morpheus Records - OM2-0013-2
Deuce  69 Eyes 2004 Motor City Resurrection (rarities compilation)
CD : Gaga Goodies (Finland)
Deuce Adam West 2006 Longshot Songs For Broke Players
LP/CD : People Like You rec.PRISON117-1/2
Deuce Harvey Milk 2007 The Pleaser / Live Pleaser
2CD : Relapse
Deuce PG Disaster 2007 Bomb Bomb Masterplan
CD : Pino Bros (USA)
Deuce ((Thorlock)) 2008 ((Thorlock))
CD : self release USA (YouTube)
Deuce Extrema 2009 Pound For Pound
CD : Scarlet Records
Deuce Adam Bomb 2012 Rock on Rock Hard Rock Animal
(ltd 2CD version - only available at concerts)
Love Theme From Kiss (parody ??) Happy Flowers 1987 My Skin Covers My Body
LP / MC : Homestead Records, HMS0850
Love Theme From Kiss The Melvins 1989 Ozma (written as "Love Thing")
LP / CD : C/Z Records
100.000 Years Mannhai 2001 Sons of Yesterday's Black Grouse
CD : Nuclear Blast
Black Diamond The Replacements 1984 Let It Be
CD : TTR-8441-2 Twin Tone Rec.
Black Diamond Castle Blak 1985 Babes In Toyland
LP : Black Dragon
Black Diamond Hostility 1996 Brick
CD : Century Media
Black Diamond (part)
       (excerpts in "Mysteryland")
Die Ärzte 1996 Die ÄRZTE Spielen KISS ( 1996 - 1997 Tour)
CD (live bootleg) : DAOH 1296 (Germany)
Black Diamond (as "Démon") Benefit 1998 "1998" (Czech vocals)
CD : Benefit (Czech Republic)
Black Diamond Blood Feast 2002 Remnants: The Last Remains 
CD : Militia Records
Black Diamond Black Diamond Brigade 2003 Black Diamond Brigade 
CDs: Universal (Norway)
Black Diamond Black Diamond Brigade 2004 Various Artists : Black Diamond 
CD : Universal 9814450 (Norway)
Black Diamond Taking Dawn 2010 Time To Burn (on Special Edition only)
CD : RoadRunner Records
Black Diamond (live) The Replacements 2017 For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986
2CD / 2LP : Rhino/Warner Bros
Black Diamond Marko Pukkila (with Legends) 2019 Kiss My Covers
CD / LP : Recovery Records (Finland)

Original versions as covered by Kiss
song title original version recorded by; year album-title
Kissin' Time Bobby Rydell 1959 We Got Love
LP: Cameo/Parkway Records C-1006 (USA

Just like the 8 track tape "The Hits Of KISS & Alice Cooper as performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE", there is even an earlier 8-track release from 1976 entitled "Love Theme From KISS", which came from Detroit Motor Sound Studios and features Re-creations of all tracks from KISS debut album played by studio musicians, click image below to enlarge. (further details unknown).
Love Theme From KISS - 8 track (1976) Detroit

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