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June 30 : New found KISS cover versions released in 1979
From : Kiss Related Recordings (thanks to Karl Morgan)
Late 1979 Portland OR label ARTCO Records released a vinyl and 8 track tape entitled "Hits Of KISS & Alice Cooper as performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE".
Not much is known of this release, except that the label also released "Hits Of Fleetwood Mac as performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE" and "Rolling Stones Greatest Hits as performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE" the same year.
The Hits of KISS & Alice Cooper as Performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE
Track listing :
- Rock n' Roll All Nite (
KISS cover)
- Beth (
KISS cover)
- I Never Cry (
Alice Cooper cover)
- School's Out (
Alice Cooper cover)
- I Was Made For Lovin' You (
KISS cover)
- Christine Sixteen (
KISS cover)
- Hello, Hooray (
Alice Cooper cover)
- Only Women Bleed (
Alice Cooper cover)
- You and Me(
Alice Cooper cover)
- Calling Dr. Love (
KISS cover)

"Hits Of KISS & Alice Cooper as performed by THE MUSIC MACHINE" - 8 track

KISS Cover version discography

June 28 : Kulick Brothers to collaborate On EP - Bruce Kulick interview
From :
Bruce Kulick was interviewed on "Kelly's KISS Hour" on June 28 and discussed topics such as the KISS Kruise, Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Bob Ezrin, "Revenge," "Carnival Of Souls," the KISS reunion tour, Grand Funk Railroad. Kulick also discussed an EP with brother Bob Kulick and his previously reported project for Frontier Records, featuring Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Franklin and Carmine Appice.

"I think since it's really hard to do a whole record, I can say our short-term goal, which I think we can do really confidently, would be [to] maybe complete an EP worth of songs from the brothers Kulick," said Kulick. "Who knows, it could be by the end of this year that something could be released for the fans."

Listen to the unedited interview HERE.

In related news, read a feature about Kulick at HERE.

June 23 : Lot of KISS coverversions on ADAM BOMB's 2CD set
From : Kiss Related Recordings
Adam Bomb's 2012 album "Rock on Rock Hard Rock Animal", which regular version contains 10 tracks is now available as a limited edition 2CD set direct from the band on their tour.

37 tracks total (
incl. 8 KISS cover versions), all were recorded on analog 24 track tape at SST Studios in DEC - FEB 2011/2012, the final recording sessions before the studio was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
These recordings were meant as a tribute to the guitarists and the bands that inspired Adam to play guitar and the original songs are a rock tour de force of life on the road and a monument to Adam's family tragedy of 2011.

disc 1 actual track listing:
ADAM BOMB Rock on Rock Hard Rock Animal (ltd 2CD version)- Avalanche
- Rock Life
- Dr 666
- Powerhouse
- Straight In The Tank
- Stay Connected
- One Punch Can Change The Fight
- Float On By
- Last Night On Earth
- Anti Social (USA)
- I Need You (bonus track)
- I Want You To Want Me (bonus track)
- Rio (bonus track)
- Won't Get Fooled Again (bonus track)
- Maggie May (unlisted bonus track)
- Instant Karma (unlisted bonus track)
- Day Tripper (unlisted bonus track)
- Gia (unlisted bonus track)

Limited Edition Bonus disc 2 actual track listing:
- The Rocker
- Whole Lotta Rosie
- Riff Raff
- Hammersmith Palais
- Deuce (
KISS cover)
- King Of The Night Time World (
KISS cover)
- Detroit Rock City (
KISS cover)
- Firehouse (
KISS cover)
- Rock And Roll All Night (
KISS cover)
- Rock Bottom (NOTE : this is a cover of the UFO song)
- He's A Woman She's A Man
- Working Man
- Rock And Roll
- My Defense
- Hammerhead (unlisted bonus track)
- Ace Of Spades (unlisted bonus track)
- Got To Choose (unlisted bonus track) (
KISS cover)
- Strutter (unlisted bonus track) (
KISS cover)
- God Of Thunder (unlisted bonus track) (
KISS cover)

June 23 : A World With Heroes 2 disc tracklist revealed
From : PledgeMusic
DISC 1 – Track Listing

1) PSYCHO CIRCUS (Paul Stanley/Curt Cuomo)
Performed by: DDrive (Phil Naro, Don Mancuso, Dave Sessions, JT Taylor & Bobby Bond)

2) SPIT (Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley/Van Zen)
Performed by: Ken Dubman, Jimmy Callahan, Scott Metaxas, and Mark Tornillo

3) DEUCE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Bill Leverty, Kevin Valentine, John Regan, & Russ Dwarf

4) SURE KNOW SOMETHING (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Chris Buck & ANTHONY CARDENAS MONTANA

5) DETROIT ROCK CITY (Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin)
Performed by: Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Rex Brown & Brian Tichy

6) EYES OF LOVE (Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell)
Performed by: Eric Carr, Benny Doro & John Humphrey

7) SHOUT MERCY (Paul Stanley/Tommy Thayer)
Performed by: Jeff Paris, Troy Lucketta, Eric Brittingham & Jeff LaBar

8) CREATURES OF THE NIGHT (Paul Stanley/Adam Mitchell)
Performed by: Brighton Rock (Gerald McGhee, Greg Fraser, Stevie Skreebs, Johnny Rogers & Mark Cavarzan)

9) LARGER THAN LIFE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Rex Brown, Brian Tichy & Mark Zavon

10) COLD GIN (Ace Frehley)

11) LOVE GUN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Tony Harnell, Mark Kendall, Scott Snyder, Sean Michael Clegg, Kevin Valentine & Tommy Denander

12) LITTLE CAESAR (Eric Carr/Gene Simmons/Adam Mitchel
Performed by: Ron Young, John Regan & Tommy Denander

13) HARD LUCK WOMAN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Chris VanDahl, Stacey Blades & Adam Hamilton

14) OUTERSPACE (David Askew/Jesus Mendez Jr.)
Original demo later covered by Ace Frehley on his Anomaly album
Performed by: Shredmill (David Askew, Jesus Mendez Jr, Jaime Moreno)

15) GOODBYE (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: IMPERA & Bob Kulick (J.K.Impera, Matti Alfonzetti, Tommy Denander & Mats Vassfjord) Additional guitars by Lars Chriss

16) SEE YOU TONIGHT (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Todd Farhood and Mystery (Todd Farhood, Michel St-Pere, Sylvain Moineau, Jean-Sébastien Goyette, Francois Fournier & Benoit Dupuis)

17) BETH – The Grand Piano version (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: MICHAEL LARDIE

18) TOMORROW (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Dressed To Chill (Matt Bradshaw, Rav Thomas & Rhys Lett)

19) ANYTHING FOR MY BABY (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Slaves On Dope (Kevin Jardine, Jason Rockman, Seb Ducap & Peter Tzaferis)

20) UNHOLY (Gene Simmons/Vinnie Vincent)
Performed by: Fred Duvall, Glenn Belcher, Mark Slaughter (Guitar Solo), Rob Zakojc & Russ Dwarf


1) BREAKOUT (Ace Frehley/Eric Carr/Richie Scarlett)
Performed by: Tod Howarth, John Regan & Kevin Valentine

2) ROCK N ROLL HELL (Gene Simmons/Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)
Performed by: Ron Keel, Troy Lucketta, Eric Brittingham & Jeff LaBar

3) NOWHERE TO RUN (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Druckfarben (Phil Naro, Ed Bernard, William Hare, Troy Feener & Peter Murray)

4) THE OATH (Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin/Tony Powers)
Performed by: Rick Hughes, Chris Buck & Bob Richard

5) MASTER & SLAVE (Paul Stanley/Bruce Kulick/Curt Cuomo)
Performed by: Adam Hamilton, Scott Griffin, Stacey Blades & Phil Lewis

6) CALLING DR.LOVE (Gene Simmons)
Performed by: Burning Rain (Keith St John, Doug Aldrich, Sean Mcnabb & Matt Starr)

7) I STOLE YOUR LOVE (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: S.U.N. (Brian Thomas Tichy, Sass Jordan & Tommy Stewart) with Derek Sharp (of The Guess Who)

8) REASON TO LIVE (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child)
Performed by: Johnnie Dee & Derry Grehan of Honeymoon Suite with Michael Foster & Bill Leverty of Firehouse

9) HARD LUCK WOMAN – Canadian mix (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Fred Duvall, Glenn Belcher, Rob Zakojc & Russ Dwarf

10) FOREVER (Paul Stanley/Michael Bolton)
Performed by: Terry Ilous, Sean Kelly with Jeff Paris.

11) SWORD AND STONE – Live In Wacken (Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, Desmond Child)
Performed by: BONFIRE (Claus Lessmann, Hans Ziller, Chris Limburg, Uwe Köhler, Harry Reischmann)

12) GOD OF THUNDER (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: American Dog (Michael Hannon, Steve Theado & Keith Pickens)

13) SHE (Gene Simmons/Steve Coronel)
Performed by: RAZER (Chris Powers, Chris Catero, Jordan Ziff, Paul Sullivan, Eric Bongiorno & Chuck Alkazian)

14) NEW YORK GROOVE (Russ Ballard)
Performed by: Kevin Jardine, Jason Rockman, Marty O’Brien (Methods Of Mayhem, Kelly Clarkson, Lita Ford), Elizabeth Lopez & Peter Tzaferis

15) MAGIC TOUCH (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Jim Crean, Phil Naro, Vinny Appice, Steve Major & Stan Miczek

16) TEARS ARE FALLING (Paul Stanley)
Performed by: WILLIE BASSE, Bruce Bouillet, Scott Warren & Mike Hansen.

17) ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE (Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley)
Performed by: Harley Fine, John Regan & Atom Fellows

18) SHANDI (Paul Stanley/Vincent Poncia)
Performed by: Dani Luv, Scott Griffin & Matt Starr

19) BETH – BONUS TRACK (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: Chris VanDahl & Scott Griffin.

20) BETH – BONUS TRACK (Peter Criss/Bob Ezrin/Stan Pendridge)
Performed by: Phil Naro, William Hare & Ed Bernard

CLICK HERE for further details and all credits.
Your pledge will PRE-ORDER this historic album.

A World With Heroes (KISS Tribute) - album details

June 16 : BRET MICHAELS' New album feat. Ace Frehley out June 25
From : / Kiss Related Recordings
Bret Michaels Jammin' With Friends (June 25, 2013)The release date of POISON singer Bret Michaels's new solo album, "Jammin' With Friends" is June 25, 2013.
The album features Ace Frehley playing lead guitar on 2 different versions of the POISON Classic "Nothin'But A Good Time".
As previously reported on the KRR website, the album was first entitled "Get Your Rock On", planned for a summer 2012 release. After its delay the effort was announced as "Good Songs & Great Friends" for a March 2013 release,

To purchase Bret Michaels Jammin' With Friends CLICK HERE.

For full album details and credits CLICK HERE.

Bret Michaels Jammin' With Friends - album details

June 16 : A World With Heroes 40th Anniversary KISS Tribute  update
A World With Heroes (A 40th Anniversary Tribute To KISS)From : PledgeMusic
The confirmed tracks for the upcoming cancer benefit album, A World With Heroes (A 40th Anniversary Tribute To KISS), have been finalized and will be spread out over the two discs. The final sequence hasn't been determined yet and those who have already ordered the CD will get the second disc as a 'special thank you' at no extra cost.

A World With Heroes (A 40th Anniversary Tribute To KISS) features unique performances of incredible KISS songs from every era with a star-studded line-up as follows:

 - 'Nowhere To Run' - DRUCKFARBEN featuring PHIL NARO streaming here (unmastered)
 - 'She' - RAZER streaming here (unmastered)
 - 'Deuce'- BILL LEVERTY (with Russ Dwarf, Kevin Valentine and John Regan)
                                                                  streaming here (unmastered)
                                                                  streaming here (unmastered)
 - Hard Luck Woman' (Canadian mix) - RUSS DWARF
 - 'Eyes of Love' - ERIC CARR (Eric Carr vocal with Benny Doro and John Humphrey)
 - 'Tears Are Falling' - WILLIE BASSE, Mike Hansen, Bruce Bouillet, Scott Warren
 - 'Detroit Rock City' - RON 'BUMBLEFOOT' THAL (with Brian Tichy and Rex Brown)
 - 'Tomorrow' - DRESSED TO CHILL
 - 'Creatures Of The Night' - BRIGHTON ROCK streaming here (mastered version)
 - 'God Of Thunder' - AMERICAN DOG
 - 'Beth' - MICHAEL LARDIE (Grand Piano version)
 - 'Goodbye' - IMPERA
 - 'Rock ‘N Roll All Nite' - HARLEY FINE and JOHN REGAN
 - 'Sword & Stone' (Live @ Wacken) - BONFIRE
 - 'I Stole Your Love' - S.U.N. featuring Brian Tichy and Sass Jordan
 - 'Beth' - PHIL NARO (Violin version)
 - 'Little Caesar' - RON YOUNG, Tommy Denander, John Regan streaming (unmastered)
 - 'Love Gun' - TONY HARNELL, MARK KENDALL and Kevin Valentine
 - 'Forever' - SEAN KELLY
 - 'Spit' - ACCEPT’S Mark Tornillo streaming here (unmastered)
 - 'Master & Slave' - L.A. GUNS streaming here (unmastered)
 - 'Anything For My Baby' - SLAVES ON DOPE
 - 'New York Groove' - S;laves On Dope
 - 'Psycho Circus' - DDrive (featuring Phil Naro)
 - 'Rock N Roll Hell' - RON KEEL, TROY LUCKETTA and Eric Brittingham
 - 'Only You ’13' - DORO PESCH and JOHNNY DEE
 - 'Calling Dr. Love' - BURNING RAIN (Doug Aldrich, Keith St John, M.Starr and S. McNabb)
 - 'Love Gun' - JERRY DIXON, JEFF DUNCAN and Kevin Valentine
 - 'Outer Space' - SHREDDMILL (original Shreddmill demo - later covered by ACE FREHLEY)
 - 'Magic Touch' - Jim Crean, Vinny Appice, Steve Major, Stan Mcizek, Phil Naro

Visit PledgeMusic for further details and to see how you can be involved.
Your pledge will PRE-ORDER this historic album.

Pledge Music - A World Without Heroes

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BRET MICHAELS      June 25, 2013
Jammin' With Friends  (Ace Frehley)

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AVANTASIA           March 29, 2013
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