from the album " Unmasked " (1980)

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song title covered by : year album-title
Is That You Marionette 1985 Blond Secrets & Dark Bombshelss
LP : Heavy Metal Records HMRLP 38
Shandi (excerpt) Awaken 2001 Party In Lyceum's Toilets
CD : independent (Belgium) awalp-002
Shandi Yann Armellino 2004 Cross-Rocks
CD : Hellion Records  (Brazil)
Talk To Me Foxy Roxx 1997 Mixed Up World
CD : Glam Slam Records
Talk To Me Peppermint Creeps 2007 Cover Up
CD : Alkaloid Junkie Rec/Creepy Tunez Music
Naked City Blofeld 2003 BLOFELD vs. KISS
single : private pressing (Norway)
Naked City Sunseth Midnight 2004 SS00
CD : Hellion Records  (Brazil)
Naked City Jorn Lande 2007 Unlocking The Past
CD : Frontiers Records
Naked City Reggae KISS 2017 YouTube (video promo clip)
Dressed To Thrill productions (Sweden)
newNaked City Charlie Giardina 2019 YouTube (video promo clip)
Live in the studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
newTomorrow SLeuX 2019 The Wagon (EP)
digital release : NeverImage Entertainment
Easy As It Seems Deacon Street 2006 Deacon Street II
CD : MTM Music 0681-164


Original versions as covered by Kiss
song title original version recorded by; year album-title
Is That You Gerard McMann 1980 original demo

"Talk To Me" by The Torpedian Harmonists (Germany, 2012)


download MP3 : Gerard McMann - " Is That You " Cost: $0.99 (USD)
WMA video : Gerard McMann about the writing of "Is That You"
From: Bob Deeb (Gerard McMann / G TOM MAC management - June 28, 2006)  
Gerard McMann wrote “Is That You?” for Kiss' 1980 Unmasked album.

Gerard Mc Mann: "My manager was hanging out with Vini Poncia, the producer of "Unmasked" and was checking to see if Vini was interested in producing me at the time. He played Vinnie a few of my songs and Vinnie apparently freaked out when he heard "Is That You" and took the tape and played it for Kiss that night. As fate would have it, they were convinced as Vin was, and they went on to record it."

Gerard Mc Mann's original demo @

Especially for the KRR-website there's a High Quality WMA video (25MB) available for free download, where 'in Gerard McMann talks about the writing of “Is That You?"
View the making of IS THAT YOU?

Gerard McMann / G TOM MAC website :

KISSfaq/KRR longtime friend Gabriel Ravarini did an interview with Gerard McMann :
read the interview by clicking here

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