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Rare Cult - The Demo Sessions (ltd.ed. 5-CD boxset)

Released : November 7,  2002
Produced by : Various Producers

01  Love Removal Machine 10  Groove Co. (backing track)
02  Peace * 11  Oink (version one) *
03  Zap City * 12  Oink (version two)
04  Love Trooper * 13  Waltz *
05  Angel 14  Blues One
06  Tom Petty 15  Untitled (1) *
07  Brown’s Gone To Ausy Land 16  El Progresso
08  Babywalker 17  Untitled (2) *
09  Surf Nazi 18  Groove Co. *

June 11, 1988 : featuring Eric Singer
01  Medicine Train 08  Fire
02  New York City 09  Wake Up Time For Freedom
03  American Horse 10  Bite On The Bullet (Down So Long) *
04  Sun King 11  Fred Divinyls
05  Automatic Blues 12  Citadel *
06  Yes Man * 13  The River
07  Zodiac * 14  The Crystal Ocean *

track  1 - 7 : June 12, 1988 : featuring Eric Singer
01  Cashmere 09  Lay down Your Gun **
02  Edie 10  Medicine Train *
03  Bleeding Hearts Revival 11  New York City *
04  Lay down Your Gun * 12  Fire
05  My Love 13  American Horse
06  Iron Star * 14  Sun King
07  Star Child * 15  Edie
08  Wake up time for freedom

- January 1991
01  Ceremony 09  Spanish Gold (take 2)
02  Full Tilt 10  White
03  Earth Mother 11  Host Of Angels *
04  Crazy Hearted Lover 12  Black Cat (Join Hands)
05  Friend (Heart Of Soul) 13  Pre take Jam
06  Wonderland 14  Northern Man *
07  Bangkok Rain 15  Auto *
08  Red Eye (Red Jesus)  

CD-5 : VARIOUS DEMOS and Sessions
01  Angel (lil’ devil) 09  Track Six
02  upbeat track 10  Track Seven
03  downbeat track 11  Track Eight
04  Tight Lip (Full Tilt) 12  Spanish Gold (take 1/ demo take)
05  Spanish Gold (89) * 13  Northern Man (The Witch)(sess. mix)
06  White (89) 14  Host Of Angels (session mix)
07  Track Four 15  Sweet Salvation (session mix)
08  Indian (89) *

tracks released on the Rare Cult box set

(RCBOX2) original release 2002 by Beggars Banquet

UK : 
Beggars Banquet - 5CD Limited edition boxset  + 3 booklets (8 pages each) - RCBOX2

musicians : (CD2 and  CD3 track 1 - 7 / KISS Related tracks only !!!)
Ian Astbury (lead vocals)
Billy Duffy (guitars) 
Jamie Stewart (bass)
Eric Singer (drums)

Eric Singer related tracks (21 songs)  recorded and mixed at Track Record, Hollywood, June 11/12,  1988. 

Demos of songs and rough ideas recorded at E.zee studios in North London. 
Though nine of these tracks appeared on the Rare Cult box set, the entire session is included on this release in it’s proper context, with the unedited introductions and in the order that the songs were recorded.

CD 2 and 3 - the SONIC TEMPLE DEMOS, June 11/12, 1988 : featuring Eric Singer on drums. 
The Cult  was back down to the original core three members and ready to try out ideas for the new album. On 11th June they entered Track Record studios at 5102 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood with session drummer Eric Singer,  to record fourteen tracks (CD2) and on the following day they laid down a further seven (CD3, track 1 - 7). 
All songs recorded during the two day session are written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, produced by The Cult.  (1st engineer John Carter; 2nd engineers Edgar Garcia, Pete Magdaieno and Ken Palakovitch.)

The second session (CD3, track 8 - 15), recorded on 13th August at Track Record, was the serious pre-production for Sonic Temple, with both producer Bob Rock and engineer Mike Fraser in attendance. On all eight tracks the arrangements have been reworked and tightened up; from the a cappella introduction to Wake Up Time For Freedom to the acoustic guitars on Edie, the song structures are much closer to the versions found on Sonic Temple. 

The Red Zone tracks are the pre-production recordings for Ceremony, recorded on 23rd - 25th January 1991. Most of the songs from the finished album sessions are present here, though many would undergo lyrical revision and several have alternate, ‘working’ titles. Recorded live in one take with a scratch rhythm section and featuring rough guide vocals, the tracks provide a raw snapshot of the genesis of the album.

CD 5 track 1 - 3 : THE HOT NIGHTS DEMOS
The Hot Nights demos were discovered on a 7” reel of tape by Billy Duffy, too late to consider including in the original box set. Neither Billy, nor producer Steve Brown, could remember any details of the recording which took place in October 1986, presumably around the time of mixing the Peace album at the Townhouse in London. However Angel is a fully formed demo for Lil’ Devil, complete with lyrics, and Upbeat Track is the instrumental basics of Soldier Blue.

Extra notes :
This Box set  is a rare opportunity to own a comprehensive and insightful collection of demos from The Cult. Brimful of raw power and passion, you can hear rudimentary versions of classics in the making, unadorned experimental sessions and almost complete songs.
The set comprises a hefty 5 CDs boasting 77 tracks, 51 of which are previously unreleased. Taking in sessions dating back to 1986 and up until 1991, each set also features extensive sleevenotes.
THE CULT DEMOS BOX SET is released in a limited, numbered edition - only 3000 box sets!

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