the CULT
Rare Cult (6-CD boxset)

Released : November 21,  2000
Produced by : Various Producers

01  Ghost Dance (Radio Session) 09  The Snake
02  Bad Medicine Waltz (Radio Sess.) 10  (Here Comes The) Rain
03  Resurrection Joe (Radio Session) 11  Little Face
04  Go West (Radio Session) 12  Spiritwalker (Radio Session)
05  Bone Bag 13  Revolution (Radio Session)
06  Sea And Sky 14 All Souls Avenue (Radio Session)
07  She Sells Sanctuary (Howling Mix) 15 Big Neon Glitter (Radio Session)
08  No.13  

01  Revolution (Full Length Remix) 11  Zap City (Demo)
02  Judith 12  Love Trooper (Demo)
03  Sunrise 13  El Progresso (Backing Track Demo)
04  All Souls Avenue 14  Peace (Dog) (Demo)
05  Electric Ocean (Original Version) 15  Oink (Version One) (Demo)
06  Go Go Guru (Original Version) 16  Waltz (Backing Track Demo)
07  Love Removal Mac.. (Radio Sess.) 17  Untitled (One) (Backing Track Demo)
08  Conquistador (Radio Session) 18  Groove Co. (Demo)
09  King Contrary Man (Radio Session) 19  Untitled (Two) (Backing Track Demo)
10  Electric Ocean (Radio Session)

01  Love Removal Machine 07  Conquistador
02  Wild Flower 08  Zap City
03  Peace Dog 09  Love Trooper
04  Aphrodisiac Jacket 10  Outlaw
05  Electric Ocean 11  Groove Co.
06  Bad Fun 12  Walk My Way (Jam Session)

01  Wild Flower (Extended Rock Mix) 09  Citadel (Demo)
02  Outlaw (Alternate Mix) 10  The Crystal Ocean (Demo)
03  Wolf Child's Blues 11  Lay Down Your Gun (vs.1) (Demo)
04  Go Go Guru (Rubin Version) 12  Bite On The Bullet (Demo)
05  Down So Long 13  Iron Star (Demo)
06  Soldier Blue 14  Star Child (Demo)
07  Zodiac (Demo) 15  Messin' Up The Blues
08  Yes Man (Demo)  

01  Fire Woman (NYC Rock Mix) 09  Host Of Angels (Demo)
02  Medicine Train (Demo) 10  Northern Man (Demo)
03  New York City (Demo) 11  Auto (Demo Jam)
04  Sweet Soul Sister (Rock's Mix) 12  Red Jesus
05  Bleeding Heart Graffitti 13  Join Hands
06  The River 14  Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic)
07  Indian (Early Version) (Demo) 15  Love Removal 
08  Spanish Gold (Demo)

01  Faith Healer 08  Gone (Degenerate)
02  Full Tilt (Live Session) 09  Down On Me
03  Earth Mofo (Live Session) 10  Beauty's On The Street
04  Heart Of Soul (Acoustic) 11  Splunge/Relapse
05  The Witch (Full Version) 12  North
06  Coming Down (Put The Boot In) 13  Sacred High
07  Breathing Out 14  In The Clouds (Alternate Edit)

(RCBOX-1) original release 2000 by Beggars Banquet -- A.D.A

UK : Beggars Banquet -- A.D.A -  6-CD Limited edition boxset  + 80 pg booklet - RCBOX-1

Band line-up : (KISS Related tracks only !!!)
Ian Astbury (lead vocals)
Billy Duffy (guitars) 
Jamie Stewart (bass)
Eric Singer (drums)

Eric Singer  drums on : 
CD4 - track 07.  Zodiac (demo)
CD4 - track 08.  Yes Man (demo)
CD4 - track 09.  Citadel (demo)
CD4 - track 10.  The Crystal Ocean (demo)
CD4 - track 11.  Lay Down Your Gun (Version One)
CD4 - track 12.  Bite On The Bullet (demo)
CD4 - track 13.  Iron Star (demo)
CD4 - track 14.  Star Child (demo)

Eric Singer related tracks recorded and mixed at Track Record, Hollywood, June 1988. 

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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