Secondhand Smoke - A Tribute to Frank Marino     
Secondhand Smoke
A Tribute to Frank Marino

Released : December 8, 2005
Produced by : Willy Parsons and Rick Messina

Time: 54:52

01 In My Ways (4:55) Frank Marino
02 Dragonfly (5:16) Frank Marino
03 Stay With Me (4:16) Frank Marino
04 It's Begun To Rain (5:54) Frank Marino
05 He's Calling (5:37) Frank Marino
06 Poppy (6:04) Frank Marino
07 Babylon Revisited (4:48) Frank Marino
08 Try For Freedom (7:36) Frank Marino
09 The Answer (4:38) Frank Marino
10 World Anthem (5:29) Frank Marino

(WM91859) original release 2005 by WildMess Records

USA    : WildMess Records - compact disc - WM91859

musicians / details on track 02:
Eric Singer (drums)
Karl Cochran (guitar, bass, vocals)

Recorded at NRS Studios, Bound Brook, NJ.
Drums recorded by Gilby Clarke in Los Angeles, CA.
Engineered by Karl Cochran and Chris Mitchell.
Mixed at Winter Springs, FL by Richard Ott.


musicians / details on track 08:
Eric Singer (drums)
Ronnie Montrose (guitar)
Ricky Phillips (bass, vocals)

Recorded at Harddrive Recorders N. Hollywood, CA.
Engineered by Dough Messenger.
Mixed at Ronnie Montrose Studio.
Overdub/ Mixing by Paul Hamann.


musicians (complete list) :
Track 01 : George Lynch (guitars)/ Jeff Pilson (bass, vocals)/ Akai drummachine
Track 02 : Karl Cochran (guitar, bass, vocals) / Eric Singer (drums)
Track 03 : John Norum (guitars, vocals)/ Thomas Torberg (bass)/ Ian Haugland (drums)
Track 04 : Audley Freed (guitars)/ Alvin Hart (voc)/ James Haggerty (b)/ Steve Gorman (d)
Track 05 : Jennifer Batten (all instruments)
Track 06 : Rick Ray (guitar)/ Sam Glorioso (drums)/ Gary Wood (bass)
Track 07 : Jeff Cloud (guitars, bass)/ Dave Goode (drums)
Track 08 : Ronnie Montrose (guitar)/ Ricky Phillips (bass, vocals)/ Eric Singer (drums)
Track 09 : Randy Hansen (all instruments)
Track 10 : James Byrd (guitars, keyboards)/ Sam Bawaney (bass)/ Sam Glorioso (drums)

Produced by Willy Parsons and Rick Messina.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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A Tribute to Frank Marino

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Try For Freedom


WildMess Records

Eric Singer (official)

Karl Cochran (official)

Ronnie Montrose (official)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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