Moore Blues for Gary  A Tribute To Gary Moore (2018)  
Moore Blues for Gary
A Tribute To Gary Moore by Bob Daisley and Friends

Released : October 26, 2018
Produced by : Bob Daisley
Time : 61:

01 That's Why I Play The Blues (4:05) G.Moore
02 The Blues Just Got Sadder (3:38) B.Daisley / D.Wilson
03 Empty Rooms (6:13) G.Moore / N.Carter
04 Still Got The Blues (For You) (6:24) G.Moore
05 Texas Strut (3:56) G.Moore
06 Nothing's The Same (4:24) G.Moore
07 The Loner (6:45) G.Moore / M.Middleton
08 Torn Inside (5:26) G.Moore
09 Don't Believe A Word (4:34) Phil Lynott
10 Story Of The Blues (5:47) G.Moore
11 This One's For You (3:10) B.Daisley / D.Wilson
12 Power Of The Blues (2:50) G.Moore / B.Daisley / D.Mooney
13 Parisienne Walkways (4:36) G.Moore / Phil Lynott

(0213161EMU) released  2018 by earMUSIC

Europe  : earMUSIC - compact disc - 0213161EMU
Japan   : Ward Records - compact disc - GQCS-90654

musicians / Details on Track 07 :
Eric Singer (drums)
Guitars - Doug Aldrich (guitars)
Bob Daisley (bass)
Don Airey (keyboards)

musicians (complete list) :
Bob Daisley (bass; harmonica and backing vocals on track 03, 10;
                   guitar on track 08, 10, 12)
Rob Grosser (drums - except track 07, 08, 12)

Jon C. Butler (vocals on track 01)
Joe Lynn Turner (vocals on track 02, 12)
Neil Carter (vocals on track 03; keyboards on track 03)
Danny Bowes (vocals on track 04)
Brush Shiels (vocals on track 05)
Glenn Hughes (vocals on track 06)
Stan Webb (vocals on track 08)
Damon Johnson (vocals and lead guitar on track 09)
Jon C. Butler (vocals on track 10)
Gus Moore (vocals on track 11)
Ricky Warwick (vocals on track 13)

Tim Gaze (guitars on track 01, 02, 05, 10)
Steve Lukather (lead guitar on track 02)
Illya Szwec (guitars on track 03; rhythm guitar on track 09, 11, 12)
John Sykes (guitars on track 04)
Luis Maldonado (guitars on track 06)
Doug Aldrich (guitars on track 07)
Jack Moore (lead guitar on track 11)
Jeff Watson (lead guitar on track 12)
Steve Morse (guitars on track 13)

Eric Singer (drums on track 07)
Darrin Mooney (drums on track 08, 12)

Clayton Doley (keyboards on track 01, 02, 13)
Don Airey (keyboards on track 04, 07)
Lachlan Doley (keyboards on track 08, 10)
Ana Lenchantin (cello on track 06)
Rosanna Daisley (backing vocals on track 03, 10)

Produced by Bob Daisley.
Associate Producer : Rob Grosser.
Edited by Bob Daisley and Rob Grosser at Disgracelands Studio, Sydney.
All new song arrangements by Bob Daisley.
Mixed by Adrian Hannan, except "Torn Inside".
"Torn Inside" mixed by Rob Grosser and Bob Daisley.
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Mastering.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



Eric Singer (official)

Bob Daisley (official)


D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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