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November 8, 2001 : Ace Frehley Solo Album
From: VH-1.com
Ace's current band -- Ace (guitar/vocals), Richie Scarlet (guitar), Karl Cochran (bass) & Steve "Budgie" Werner (drums) -- will  head into the studio early next year to help Frehley record his fifth solo record, his first since 1989's Trouble Walkin'. 

"I'm in the process of building a multimedia studio on seven and a half acres in upstate New York," Frehley said. "I have three albums worth of material right now in the can, and I plan to record another five or 10 songs once my studio is completed. Then I'm gonna sit down to decide which are the best songs to put out as the next Ace Frehley solo album." 

The record has a working title, The Baldest Baby on the Block, and Frehley said he hopes to have it out by spring but added that it's too early to predict the musical tone of the disc.

October 7, 2001 : "KISSeros!" Tribute CD Track Listing
From: Gabriel Ravarini / KISS Fever Online
The "KISSeros!" tribute CD, a project organized by KISSFEVER, is  finally at its final stages.  
Click here for the Track listing .
Please note that this is not the final order in which the songs will appear on the CD. 

Kiss Fever Online will be announcing soon the release date, so be sure to check out regularly our site at
http://www.kissfever.com.ar to be up-to-date with this new CD!

August 3, 2001 : 
Zoom Club Records In Talks Regarding "Guitars From Hell" 

From: Pyromessiah
In an update to the August 1st story about Zoom Club Records, it appears that while Zoom Club Records has been talking to EMI Records about releasing “Guitarmageddon,” they’ve also been in contact with EMI Records about releasing Vinnie Vincent’s long awaited “Guitars From Hell” CD.
“Guitars From Hell” is the full-length album that Vinnie recorded in the early 1990’s. This recording marked the reunion of Vinnie with former Vinnie Vincent Invasion vocalist Robert Fleischman. “Guitars From Hell” was a return to a sound much more similar to that of the first Invasion release, as opposed to the follow up “All Systems Go” album.
Some doubt does exist as to whether or not EMI Records does in fact hold rights to the “Guitarmageddon” recording.

July 28, 2001 : ex- Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer joins Hardline
From: Kiss Related Recordings
The comeback album of Hardline (which debut "Double Eclipse" was released in 1992)  featuring the Gioeli brothers, will be titled "Hyperspace" and is finally starting to take shape in LA - under the supervision of producer Bob Burch.
The band also has a new drummer in line up - none other than Bob Rock (Nelson, Vinnie Vincent Invasion).
The lead guitarist position is also locked in with guitar wizard Joey Tafolla joining the boys.
The album will be released through Frontiers / Now & Then Records.

July 6, 2001 : 
Bruce Kulick records a song for Argentinean KISS tribute CD

From: KISSFEVER Online
We're pleased in announcing that for the first time in KISStory, Bruce Kulick, KISS' lead guitar during 12 years, has recorded a KISS cover on a tribute CD completely made by fans!!.

The tribute CD "KISSEROS" is the one who has this unique privilege, which it's being organized by the Argentinean magazine KISSFEVER, and the selected
song is " I Stole Your Love". 
Bruce Kulick has participated with his distinctive style on the lead guitar giving a new dimension to this KISS classic, and the line-up of the band counts with his fellow drummer from UNION, Brent Fitz on drums, percussion, keyboards and vocals, Ariel Belont on lead vocal and rhythm guitar (from the Argentinean band Suite 19), and Marc Jazz on bass (Argentinean KISSFEVER correspondent in Los Angeles).

We're filled with pride and really thrilled to have this track between the list of songs, that was recorded with this luxury band formed with people so near to our feelings and to Argentina, like Bruce Kulick and Brent Fitz are, along with their Argentinean friends currently living in LA, Ariel Belont and Marc Jazz, and we really can't wait until EVERYONE can hear this killer version of "I Stole Your Love"  that surely will make people talk about it!

The tribute CD "KISSEROS" it's on its final stages and we're giving it the final touches to the definitive setlist, which we'll announce soon, and in few days the mastering process will begin, which will be in charge of
another Argentinean KISS fan who wanted to be involved with this project since he knew about it: Gabriel Ruiz Diaz, bass player of the well-known local band Catupecu Machu. 
Gabriel will be behind the mastering console bringing his experience and quality to make of this album the product that we always dreamed with.

Soon we'll be announcing more news, so keep on visiting
KISSFEVER Online to be up-to-date with everything related to the KISSEROS tribute album!

May 27, 2001 : Paul Stanley tribute Song plus contest  
From: Kiss Related Recordings / Cats And Jammers
Just like Swedish band  the Hellacopters, who released a song  titled "Paul Stanley" (containing many of Paul Stanley's guitar riffs) on their 1999 CD "Grande Rock",  Chicago rock trio CATS & JAMMERS have also written an ode to KISS member Paul Stanley. 
The song, titled "Paul Stanley" consists of lyrics and song titles that Paul sings. 
CATS & JAMMERS are also hosting a contest. To win, participants must correctly identify the lyrics to the song and the original KISS song that the lyrics came from. 

"Paul Stanley" will be released on Cats and Jammers third CD among 10 other tracks including "Shut Up Hippie Go Away", "Spitball", "Jesus Was A Jew"  and a hilarious cover of Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger". The CD won't be available until July sometime, but you can pre-order your copy now.

for more details visit

CATS and JAMMERS website

May 25, 2001 : Musician/Songwriter Stan "Doc" Penridge Dead at 50
From: Dale Sherman
Stan "Doc" Penridge, musician, producer and co-writer of several songs for the rock band KISS, including their top-ten single "Beth", died in his sleep May 11 at his home in Austin, Texas. He was 50 years old.

Penridge began his musical career upon moving to the New York area in the late 1960s. In 1970, he joined the band
Chelsea, which featured a drummer who was already going by the stage name Peter Criss. Penridge and Criss continued working together, in Chelsea and other musical groups, until 1972 when Criss joined Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in a band that would evolve into KISS.

Penridge moved on to work with other bands, both rock and country, but was invited into the KISS circle when the band decided to record a song he and Criss had written back in their Chelsea days. As Penridge related later, the ballad had originally been written as a joke about another band member’s wife named Becky, who would continuously interrupt band practices with requests for her husband to come home. In 1976, Penridge, Criss and producer Bob Ezrin rewrote the song as the sentimental ballad "Beth", which is still heard today on many radio stations. It appeared on the DESTROYER album and became a Top-Ten hit, helping propel the band beyond cult status with hard-rock fans to the mainstream of public consciousness.

Penridge continued to write for KISS throughout the 1970s, including most of the songs on Peter Criss’ 1978 solo album. After Criss left the band in 1980, Penridge worked with Criss on his first post-KISS solo album,
Out Of Control. The next couple of years saw Criss and Penridge working on different projects, but they re-teamed in 1983 to create a touring band called the Criss-Penridge-Alliance. The Alliance lasted until late 1984, when Penridge and Criss again decided to go their separate ways.

After the breakup, Penridge moved to Texas and became an independent musician/producer for acts in the Austin, Texas, area, concentrating mainly on Jazz and Country acts. He also continued to work on his own recordings and was finishing work on a solo album at the time of his death.

Little was heard from Penridge publicly until April 2000, when he filed a lawsuit against the KISS Company and Universal (amongst others) for back payment of royalties he claimed to have never received on over 30 songs. The case is still continuing, with a court date set for early 2002.

Penridge leaves behind his wife Nell on the eve of their 30th wedding anniversary and his son, Jesse, along with other family members and friends.

last update : 2001-12-31

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