2002 news- compilation  (unfinished KISS Related Recordings only)
Containing news on unreleased, unfinished and shelved albums and projects, rare cover versions.
In other words, if the recording is completed and/ or released, all details can be found on KRR's regular discography pages.

December 22, 2002 : 
Loverboy compilation features Stanley/Kulick penned song.

From: Melodicrock.com
A new LOVERBOY compilation release from Sony / Legacy Recordings are due out January 14, 2003.
Loverboy "Love Songs" features the the Paul Stanley/Bruce Kulick/Desmond Child penned song "Sword and Stone", taken from Paul Dean's 1988 solo album "Hardcore".

Full Tracklist : Heaven In Your Eyes . Always On My Mind . Lucky Ones . Hot Girls In Love . Love Will Rise Again . This Could Be The Night . When It's Over . One-Sided Love Affair . Lady Of The 80's . Take Me To The Top . Lovin' Every Minute Of It . Sword And Stone (Paul Dean Solo Track) . Almost Paradise (Mike Reno & Ann Wilson).

December 15, 2002 : Rock Soldiers covered by the McGees.
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
US country rock band the McGees recently have released an album entitled "Dimestore Romeos", which features a cover version of Ace Frehley's "Rock Soldiers".

McGees website

December 6, 2002 : Vinnie Vincent Update
From: Blabbermouth
Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent (a.k.a. Vincent Cusano) has been writing and recording new material at a Los Angeles studio for an album that may or may not surface under the VINNIE VINCENT INVASION moniker. No further information on the project is available at this time.

September 19, 2002 : ALICE COOPER's Tour line-up
From: MelodicRock.com
Alice Cooper's line-up for the coming US and European tour will be:
Eric Singer on Drums (Kiss, Gary Moore, Brian May Group), Teddy 'Zig Zag' Andreadis on Keyboards & Vocals (Guns-N-Roses and was on the last Alice Cooper tour), Chuck Wright on Bass and Vocals (House Of Lords)
, Pete Friesen on Guitars (The Almighty and has played with Alice Cooper over the last 10 years), Eric Dover on guitars and Vocals (Jellyfish, Glamnation and was on the last Alice Cooper tour) and Calico Cooper - Dancer, performer and background vocalist (Alice Cooper's daughter). 

September 2, 2002 : New Tod Howarth demo-CD
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl
Ex- Frehley's Comet guitar-/ keyboard player Tod Howarth just have released a demo-CD entitled "Winter".
For more info, MP3-samples and order details visit

Tod Howarth website

July 20, 2002 : John Corabi (UNION) Keeps busy with two new projects 
From:  MelodicRock.com
One time Motley Crue vocalist and current Union frontman John Corabi has two new projects on the go.
Twenty 4 Seven is a special collaboration with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer and Iron Horse/Obsession guitarist Robert Marcello.
The album combines elements from previous projects of this all star lineup, Twenty 4 Seven delivers a collection of 9 hard rocking/bluesy/melodic tunes. Singing with a touch of the blues and an awful lot of heart & soul, John sang his heart out in the recording of this album.

Corabi has also formed another new band called Zen Lunatic. The line up is: John Corabi - Vocals & Guitar; Stevo Bruno - Bass & Vocals; Jimmy D' Anda - Drums
The band's bio reads: Former Motley Crue singer, John Corabi, has assembled an all-star lined band called Zen Lunatic. With Bulletboys drummer Jimmy D Anda on drums and Revel 8 bass player Stevo Bruno on bass, the trio plans to record their debut record by this winter. The new sound can only be described as "in your face- kick ass rock-n-roll." The trio has been writing and recording at world renown Klown Records in Santa Monica, California (owned by bass player Stevo.) With new songs, it will be very interesting to see which label these rock-heroes sign with. Nickelback manager, John Greenberg is reportedly on board.
You can hear MP3 samples for the tracks Angel, Stay & Open Your Eyes, online now at the band's website:

From: MTM-music
Hirsh Gardner (New England drummer and vocalist) has signed to MTM Music in Europe and Marquee/Avalon in Japan. Expected release date is mid November. The album is titled "Wasteland For Broken Hearts". "Its typical production for me, very thick vocals, huges guitars, lot's of keyboards and mellotron", says Hirsh. Guest artists appearing on the album are Andre Maquera of "8084" and Jimmy Waldo, John Fannon and Gary Shea, Hirsh's three former bandmates in New England.

During 1981 - 1982 Hirsh was also a part of Vinnie Vincent’s pre-KISS band
Warrior. Three of the four members in New England, Gary Shea, Jimmy Waldo, and Hirsch Gardner, joined Vinnie in this band and demo-ed early versions of Vinnie’s classic material.

June 22, 2002 : Vinnie Vincent Recording ?
From: KISS Faq
Strictly rumor though it's been reported that Andre LaBelle and Vinnie Vincent may be in the studio. One can only wonder at: 1) is this true?; and 2) what are they recording? Might simply be more attention to "Guitarmageddon" or another varient of "Guitars From Hell" some of which Andre originally drummed on... ..

April 25, 2002 : Gene demoing new songs / CHER
From: GeneSimmons.com
Just came back from putting down vocals on a new tune called 'WAIT.' Very excited about it. In two weeks or so, will do a demo of another new song called 'ALL THE KIDS WITH PAINTED FACES'.
Cher and I have been talking about recording a song together.... perhaps for a movie soundtrack. This is all very tentative, so please don't email questions. I won't have answers..

April 25, 2002 : KISS/Gene demoing new songs ?
From: KissFaq.com
According to Gene, "Just came back from putting down vocals on a new tune called 'WAIT.' Very excited about it. In two weeks or so, will do a demo of another new song called 'ALL THE KIDS WITH PAINTED FACES'". It is not clear who is demoing this material, Gene with extras, for some other project, or as part of a "KISS" project. Demoing, also, doesn't mean that the stuff will get used. But in conjunction with Paul recently stating that they were considering going into the studios with Ezrin it would seem that the music isn't dead yet. Please, keep in mind that any KISS plans may be tentative. Cutting demos, for whatever reason, is one thing - fully recording songs or albums is another matter. It should still be exciting though, regardless....

April 22, 2002 : Frehley's Comet bass player John Regan have produced new Sinopoli album .
From: MelodicRock.com
Legendary rock producer Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Jimi Hendrix) and bass player John Regan (Frampton, Frehley, Roth) have produced three tracks on the upcoming Sinopoli CD. 
The three songs, American Dream, Tell It To Me Baby & David Bowie's Moonage Daydream were recorded at Millbrook Sound in Millbrook New York and engineered by Paul Orifino.
Also, 1980's monster producer/songwriter/guitar player Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper, Angry Tears, Baton Rouge) puts in a special guest performance on Love On The Terrace. The track also includes a guest performance by Angry Tears drummer Andres Karu.
Tracks to be featured on the album include: Circus . When I Get Home . It's Too Late . I Like It . Girl, You Got Me Going . Let's Get The Party Started . Moonage Daydream . Tell It To Me Baby . American Dream . Love On The Terrace . No More . Sunrise
For more info. please contact Joey at

March 10, 2002 : Don Caballero :  The Peter Criss Jazz
From: Kiss-Related-Recordings.nl / Gabriel Ravarini
A band by the name of Don Caballero has recorded a song called "The Peter Criss Jazz". Allegedly the song is a revision of Peter's drumming style.

Formed in Pittsburgh, this indie heavy-rock band plays fast-paced
instrumentals powered by drummer Damon Che. Guitarists Mike Banfield and Ian Williams and bassist Pat Morris complete the band. Their debut, "For Respect", was released by Touch & Go Records in 1993. Its follow-up, "Don Caballero 2", appeared in 1995; the group next resurfaced three years later with "What Burns Never Returns" and "American Don"  in mid-2000.

You can download the song free here:

March 5, 2002 : RICHIE FONTANA : Album Release
From: YankeeMusic@aol.com 
Richie Fontana, best known by KISS fans for playing drums on Paul Stanley's solo KISS album, has just issued his first solo album titled "Steady On The Steel" on the official website www.RichieFontana.com. An independent release on his own Yankee Music label, this songwriter's showcase was produced, arranged, and written by Richie, and contains 14 songs that fall into the category of Power Pop. 

For many years, Richie Fontana was a close member of the KISS family. As the drummer for the band Piper with Billy Squier (A&M Records), the group performed as the opening act for KISS on their "Love Gun" tour in 1978. 
Later, Richie became a member of The Skatt Bros. (Casablanca Records), the band founded by Sean Delaney, producer of the second Piper album as well as the Gene Simmons solo KISS album and others. 
Both of these bands were handled by Aucoin Management, administrators of the KISS empire at that time.
Richie also appears on the recently released 'KISS Box Set', which contains "Tonight You Belong To Me" from Paul Stanley/KISS (Richie Fontana - drums). 

During the 80's, Richie toured with Laura Branigan at the peak of her career, and worked with various artists including Dr. John and John Pousette-Dart. 
Richie also worked as a session musician for a period of time in NYC. 

Being a songwriter and having the ability to produce, arrange, and play different instruments, has subsequently led to the above mentioned current release: "Steady On The Steel" by Richie Fontana, available at
The website has biographical and retrospective sections with plenty of career photographs and text, as well as a discography and MP3 samples of the album.


March 3, 2002: Simmons Records update
From: www.GeneSimmons.com 
SIMMONS RECORDS is well on the way to being reborn. 
Beginning of February, Gene Simmons met with an investment house who expressed serious interest in funding the entity. 
The structure of the record company will be different than the 80's SIMMONS RECORDS/RCA version. This will be a wholly owned and operated record company. We will simply "rent" the distribution and marketing operation of a major.  March 4, Gene will  be winging his  way to New York  to meet with investors for SIMMONS REC

February 26, 2002 : New KISS Tribute album
From: www.GeneSimmons.com 
GENE SIMMONS : "Can't say much more about this but it promises to be a one of a kind event. I'm working out the contractual subtleties and as soon as paperwork is signed, we will announce it."

February 2, 2002 :  Vinnie Vincent : More Archives
From: Pyro Messiah 
This is an OFFICIAL message regarding the Vinnie Vincent Archives CD's: 
All Archives CD's are going into production and will be completed one volume at a time to be followed by a complete boxed set. All orders will be fulfilled one volume at a time and will be complemented by a complete boxed set at the end of production. An 800 phone number will be forthcoming for all inquiries and information. Watch for upcoming ads for Speedball Jamm from the VV Archives.

Pyro Messiah  was told that everyone who originally ordered the box set will receive them, and that the 800 phone number will be used to verify addresses of those who ordered them.

February 5, 2002 : 
Guitars From Hell Update/Zoom Club Records Releases

From: Pyro Messiah 
Last year, Zoom Club Records, who have already re-released both of Vinnie’s Invasion albums, revealed to Pyro Messiah that they were interested in releasing a live Invasion concert as well as the still unreleased album “Guitars From Hell.” Many fans were excited about the possibility of having at least two more CD’s worth of music from Vinnie.

Pyro Messiah contacted Zoom Club Records to find out what, if anything, became of their interest in these two recordings. 

Since that writing, Zoom Club Records has been in contact with Vinnie Vincent about releasing “Guitars From Hell” and the final Invasion concert. They were in contact with Vinnie and his solicitor trying to secure the rights to both of these recordings. Unfortunately, the two sides were unable to come to any sort of agreement over the amount of money necessary to release the CD’s. Zoom Club Records stated that Vinnie and his solicitor were asking for too much money and that the record company never would have been able to make their money back when releasing them. They stated that they “haven't given up hope entirely, but the signs are not good.”

Also, Zoom Club was able to provide Pyro Messiah with some information about upcoming re-releases and information regarding some of their previous releases.
  • The first Invasion CD was released in a miniature gatefold LP sleeve and was limited to 1000 copies.
  • They have prepared a vinyl picture disc of the first Invasion album, but haven’t released it yet. The picture disc will also be limited to 1000 copies
  • Both of the Invasion CD’s are about to be reissued in special slipcases. They state that there isn’t anything special about the CD, but that they are reissuing most of their titles in slipcases for racking purposes.

January 10, 2002 : Bruce Kulick co-wrote Grand Funk Railroad song
From: Bruce Kulick/ Kulick.net
Late in 2001 I wrote a song with Max Carl the singer of Grand Funk Railroad, that is so amazing, it might be the best thing I ever co-wrote. It is called "Who Took Down the Stars," and we have plans to record this year and that song will be very important.

last update : 2002-12-31

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