Kiss Related demo recording

Original Recording: 1982
Produced by: ???

01 Boys Gonna Rock (3:17) Vincent
02 It's Not Pretty (3:51) Vincent
03 Gypsy In Her Eyes (3:40) Vincent
04 Back On The Streets (4:38) Vincent / Freeman
05 Back On The Streets  (instrumental) (4:57) Vincent / Freeman
06 I Need Love  (aka I'm In Love) (3:36) Vincent
07 I Need Love  (instrumental) (4:07) Vincent
08 Baby Oh Why  (aka Baby-O) (4:14) Vincent
09 Baby Oh Why  (instrumental) (4:56) Vincent
10 Betrayed  (instrumental) (4:43) Vincent
11 Hot Nights  (instrumental) (3:20) Vincent

Warrior is :
Vinnie Cusano / Vinnie Vincent (lead vocals, guitars)
Hirsch Gardner (drums)
Jimmy Waldo (keyboards)
Gary Shea (bass)

Recorded In Los Angeles.

Track 04 : "Back On The Streets" is also recorded by the band 3 SPEED in 1984 for the "Voyage Of The Rock Aliens" soundtrack album. 
The same year Frehley's Comet demoed "Back On The Streets".

Track 06 : "I Need Love", apart from being a Warrior demo, this song would be demoed, along with other Vinnie Vincent material during Vinnie's recording career with KISS. Parts of this song would be recycled into the Vinnie Vincent Invasion track "Shoot U Full Of Love".

Track 08 : "Baby Oh Why" would be re-written as "Baby-O" for inclusion on Vinnie Vincent Invasion's 1986 album.

Track 01, 02, 03, 04, 06 and 08 are released on the 2LP bootleg; Vinnie Vincent ; 1186-20 (released 1987).
This bootleg also contains a track called "Stealaway", but that song has nothing to do with Vinnie Vincent; actually the song is from Poison's "Night Crime - demo".

For more details on these recordings check out, which page contains interviews with Hirsch Gardner, Jimmy Waldo and Gary Shea.

September 15, 2017 UK label Cherry Red Records officially released the WARRIOR "mini album" (6 songs), which also includes 5 instrumental tracks as well as the rehearsals which features Fergie Henrikson on lead vocals (5 songs). CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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Audio Samples 

Boyz Gonna Rock
It's Not Pretty
Gypsy In Her Eyes
Back On The Streets
I Need Love / I'm In Love
Baby Oh Why / Baby-O
Hot Nights

Audio 2015 upgrade

Boys Gonna Rock
It's Not Pretty
Gypsy In Her Eyes
Back On The Streets
I Need Love
Baby O' Why



Interview with Hirsch Gardner,
Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo
and recording details by (2015)


Jimmy Waldo (official)

Hirsh Gardner (official)

Gary Shea (official)

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