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Let Me Rock You

Released : 1982
Produced by: Vini Poncia
Time: 38:06

01 Let It Go (3:59) T. Faragher/ D. Faragher/ Howard
02 Tears (3:32) Cusano/ Mitchell
03 Move On Over (3:44) Poncia/ Criss
04 Jealous Guy (3:54) Lennon
05 Destiny (4:08) Midnight/ Monet/ Schoen
06 Some Kinda' Hurricane (3:58) Ballard
07 Let Me Rock You (3:31) Ballard
08 First Day In The Rain (3:27) Stevens
09 Feel Like Heaven (3:39) Simmons
10 Bad Boys (3:28) Criss/Roberge

(various) released 1982 by Casablanca Records.

Europe : Casablanca/ Phonogram - LP - 6302-194
Japan  : Casablanca/ PolyStar - LP - 25S-121 (different artwork)
Mexico : Casablanca/PolyGram - LP - LPR-43059 (little different artwork)

Remastered Releases :
- CD /
music cassette - Casablanca/Mercury 558-072-2/4 (USA, April 7, 1997)
- CD - Casablanca/PolyGram PHCR-4463 (Japan, released November 1, 1998)
CD - Casablanca/Universal Music Japan - UMe UICY-79416 (December 9, 2020)

musicians :
Peter Criss (lead vocals and drums)
Michael Landau (guitars)
Steve Stevens (guitars)
Steve Lukather (guitars)
Caleb Quaye (guitars)
Bob Messano (guitars, backing vocals)
Phil Grande (guitars)
John "Cooker" Lo Presti (bass)
Davey Faragher (bass)
Michael Braun (guest drums)
Dennis Conway (guest drums)
James Newton Howard (keyboards, synthesizer)
Jai Winding (keyboards)
Jim Roberge (keyboards)
Ed Walsh (synthesizer)
Vini Poncia (backing vocals)
Rory Dodd (backing vocals)
Eric Troyer (backing vocals)
Mark Kreider (backing vocals)
Suzanne Fellini (backing vocals)

Produced by Vini Poncia. 
Recorded at Conway Recording Studios, LA, CA, Spring 1982.
Engineer/ Associate producer; Bob Schaper. 
Assistant engineer; Phil Moores.

"Feel Like Heaven" written by Gene Simmons

"Tears" written by Vinnie Vincent and Adam Mitchell.

"Let Me Rock You" and "Some Kinda' Hurricane" are both written by Russ Ballard.
Russ Ballard demoed "Let Me Rock You", but isn't released by himself.
"Let Me Rock You" was a small hit in the UK by UK disco/soul group Kandidate in 1980.

The original version of Russ Ballard's "Some Kinda' Hurricane" is released February 4, 1977 as UK 7"single only (Epic S=EPC-49845).

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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Peter Criss 

7" single releases

Tears / Jealous Guy



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interview with Steve Stevens by
Kerrang magazine #131 October 1986

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