Born To Laugh At Tornadoes

Released : 1983
Produced by : Don St. Was, David St. Was and Jack Tann
Time : 00:

01 (Return To...) Out Come The Freaks (4:20) Was/Was
02 Professor Night (4:10) Was/Was/Morris
03 The Party Broke Up (2:14) Was/Was
04 Smile (3:12) Was/Was
05 ZAZ Turned Blue (4:18) Was/Was
06 Knocked Down, Made Small (3:05) Was/Was
07 Bow Wow Wow Wow (3:09) Brzezina
08 Betrayal (3:02) Was/Was
09 Shake Your Head (3:52) Was/Was/Stroud
10 Man vs. The Empire Brain Building (4:00) Was/Was

(24251) released 1983 by Geffen

USA     : Geffen - LP - 24251
Europe : Geffen / Ze records - LP - GEF25592-2

USA     : CD-reissue 1987 : Geffen - compact disc - GEFD 2-4016

Was (Not Was) is : 

David Was, real name David Weiss (lead  and background vocals, flute, trumpet, Korg organ, vibes, harmonica)

Don Was,  Don Fagenson (lead  and background vocals, clavinet, Oberheim OBSX, Oberheim OBXA, Linn drums, bass, Emulator, Simmons drums,  Emulator horns, cello, tympani,  Moog bass, sea bell, bass drums, rhythm guitar, Oberheim bells)

Luis Resto (keyboards, Moog, vocorder, background vocals, Moog bass, synthetic trumpet)
David McMurray (soprano and tenor saxophone, background vocals)
Carol Hall ( background vocals)
Kathy Kosins ( background vocals)

musicians :
Vinnie Vincent  (2nd lead guitar on "Smile")
Mitch Ryder  (guest vocalist on "Bow Wow Wow Wow")
Ozzy Osbourne  (guest vocalist on "Shake Your Head")
Doug Fieger  (guest vocalist on "Smile" and "Betrayel")
Mel Torme ( lead vocals on "Zaz Turned Blue")

Bob Kulick (power chord guitar)
Wayne Kramer (guitar)
Randy Jacobs ( guitar, background vocals, bass, foot choir)
Joe LoDuca (guitar)
Bruce Nazarian (guitar)
Roscoe Paradise (guitar)
Red Banner  ( bass)
Jervony Collier ( bass)
Jay Leonhart  ( bass)
Felix Morris (Moog bass, bass)
Yogi Horton (drums)
Reggie Mocambo (Simmons drums)
Mike Smith (Simmons toms)
Larry Fratangelo (percussion)
Tom Swift (Bavarian cheese cymbal)
Analisa Trajano (Oberheim bells)
Marshall Crenshaw ( organ and vocal, lead guitar)
Fred Zarr (acoustic piano, hate synthesizer)
Mike Renzi (piano)
John Robie (Prophet 5, Moog)
Martin Alsop ( violin)
Carol Poole-Gross ( violin)
Jill B. Jaffe (viola)
Beverley Lauridsen (cello)
Branford Marsalis (sax solo)
Marvin "Hannibal" Petersen (trumpet)
Chris Blackwell ( vocals)
Felix and Jarvis ( vocals)
Ada Griffin ( vocals)
Sweet Pea Atkinson (lead and background vocals)
Harry Bowens ( lead and background vocals)
Puppet Blum (background vocals)
Susan Borey ( background vocals)
Pam Brown ( background vocals)
Rick Cioffi ( background vocals)
Nikki Corvette ( background vocals)
Chris Ewen ( background vocals)
Professor Goss ( background vocals)
Lynn Halper ( background vocals)
Anthony Kaczynski ( background vocals)
Valerie Ledbetter ( background vocals)
Donna Ray Mitchell ( background vocals)
Mark J. Norton ( background vocals)
John Sinclair ( background vocals)
Fred Todd ( background vocals)
Lamont Zodiac (background vocals)
Peter James (ohh wah oohs)
Lori Jeri (ohh wah oohs)
Duane Bradley (foot choir)
Michael Edwards ( foot choir)
Larry Provost ( foot choir)
Christine Reeves ( foot choir)
Evelyn Werner (foot choir)

Produced by Don St. Was, David St. Was and Jack Tann.
Engineered and Mixed by Don St. Was.

Michael Zilkha -- executive producer
David Thoener -- mixing, overdub engineer
Michael Brauer -- engineer, overdub engineer
Duane Bradley -- mixing
Ken Collier -- mixing
Bruce Nazarian -- overdub engineer
Lincoln Clapp -- overdub engineer
Gregory Mann -- overdub engineer
Jon Mathias -- overdub engineer
Steve Guardigli -- overdub engineer
Jerry Thichaya -- overdub engineer
Mike Fuller -- overdub engineer
Jay Mark -- overdub engineer

WAS (Not Was)  promo sampler
Selections from " Born To Laugh At Tornadoes "

Released : 1983
Produced by : Don St. Was, David St. Was and Jack Tann
Time : 00:

01 Knocked Down, Made Small (3:05) Was/Was
02 Bow Wow Wow Wow (3:09) Brzezina
03 Smile (3:12) Was/Was
04 Shake Your Head (3:52) Was/Was/Stroud

USA   : Geffen - 12" promo EP - PRO-A-2079

This promo sampler release contains the song "Smile" which features Vinnie Vincent on guitar.

- Was (Not Was) - promo sampler  (1983 - cover - large image)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y


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Born To Laugh At Tornadoes

WAS (Not Was) 

Promo Sampler
promo sampler


Audio Samples 

Smile (feat. Vinnie Vincent)


Was (Not Was)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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