Rock Legend Peter Criss to release new solo CD “ONE FOR ALL” Worldwide July 24 on Silvercat Records via Sony/ Red Distribution

From: Music 5 / Intern (LAN-RCN music)
Peter Criss, founding member and drummer of iconic rock group KISS, will release his new solo CD entitled ONE FOR ALL July 24 on Silvercat Records, distributed by Sony/Red. The CD will be distributed day-and-date to fans across the globe.

An autobiographical collection of songs that Criss produced and recorded over the course of two years, ONE FOR ALL also includes several cover tunes that reflect his outlook on life at this point in his long-standing career.

The lead vocalist and co-writer of what to this day remains KISS’ biggest Billboard hit, Beth, which also went on to win a People’s Choice Award, Criss goes back to his songwriting roots with this new CD. Says Criss: “The most important thing is that my fans and other people will get a whole new outlook on me with this CD. I’m reinventing myself at my own pace, and for me, it’s now, more than ever, about being true.”

ONE FOR ALL is the first fully self-produced CD that Criss has recorded -- in addition to arranging and writing the lyrics and melodies for most of the material on the CD. 

Joined by longtime friends and acclaimed musicians – Grammy award-winning bandleader Paul Shaffer and bassist Will Lee, as well as guitarist Mike McLaughlin -- ONE FOR ALL is a variously styled project, profoundly rich in ballads that touches on all aspects of Criss’ life, and draws on his love of rock and R&B. The title track, recorded with the Church of Transfiguration Boys Choir, was written in the wake of 9/11 and sets the tone for the CD. Other songs include: Doesn’t Get Better Than This, Last Night, Faces in the Crowd, Heart Behind the Hands, Send in The Clowns, and even a tribute song to his longtime bandmate and friend Ace Frehley titled Space Ace..

Peter Criss - One For All

April 15  : New SHAMELESS album (feat. Eric Singer) out April 27, 2007
From: Shamelessrock.com
Shameless is back with their fifth album after a 4 year break. 
The new album "Famous 4 Madness" will be in stores on the 27th of April. 
The eleven track album with Keri Kelli acting as producer and engineer, features Steve Summers as vocalist on most of the tracks but there are also appearances from Stevie Rachelle, Phil Lewis (LA Guns), Jani Lane (ex-Warrant ) and John Corabi (ex-Motley Crue / Union). All guitars on "Famous 4 Madness" were recorded by B.C., Alice Cooper guitarist Keri Kelli and Michael Thomas. Drums featured include T Burr, Kari Kane, Mike Fasano and Eric Singer from KISS. Alexx Michael as always played bass.

SHAMELESS album details

April 9  : Bruce Kulick vs LION'S SHARE update
From: KISS Related Recordings
As previously reported, former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has already recorded a guest solo for the song "The Edge of the Razor" on April 10, 2004 at Stockholm, Sweden's Canvas studio. 

From: www.lionsshare.org
Swedish heavy metal masters LION'S SHARE will film a video for the song "The Edge of 
the Razor" on April 15 in Stockholm. The track features a guest solo from Bruce 
Kulick (KISS), and comes off the group's comeback album, "Emotional Coma", which is 
scheduled for release on June 15 through AFM Records.

According to a press release, "Emotional Coma" is "the heaviest and most powerful 
LION'S SHARE record to date" and it features guest appearances by Kulick, Glen Drover (MEGADETH) and Mats Levén (THERION, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN). 
The band features guitar player and founding member Lars Chriss, along with vocalist Patrik Johansson (ASTRAL DOORS, WUTHERING HEIGHTS), bass player Sampo Axelsson (GLENN HUGHES) and well-known session drummer Richard Evensand (CHIMAIRA, SOILWORK, THERION). 

"Emotional Coma" track listing:
01. Cult of Denial
02. The Arsonist
03. Emotional Coma (feat. Glen Drover)
04. Clones of Fate
05. The Edge of the Razor (feat. Bruce Kulick)
06. Toxication Rave
07. Trafficking
08. Bloodstained Soil
09. Soultaker
10. Hatred's My Fuel
11. Sorcerers (ANGEL WITCH cover)
12. Ring of Stupidity (bonus track for Japan and digipak)


April 8  : Poison's 1987 KISS cover version on new album
From: www.poisonweb.com
Press Release / Poison'd, the new studio album from POISON, arrives in stores June 5, 
2007! Produced by Don Was, Poison'd features Poison's hot new versions of their 
favorite rock classics, originally recorded by David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The 
Cars, Sweet, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and many more!
Hollywood, Calif., -- Poison, one of rock's most iconic and enduring bands, has 
recorded a new album of cover songs, featuring many of their favorite rock classics. 
Poison'd, the band's first new studio album since 2002, will be released June 5 on CD 
and digitally by EMI America Records/Capitol.
Featuring Poison's original members, Bret Michaels (vocals), C.C. DeVille (guitar), 
Rikki Rockett (drums) and Bobby Dall (bass), Poison'd presents the band's first new 
studio recordings since 2002's Hollyweird.
Produced by Don Was at Hensen Recording Studios in Hollywood, Poison'd packs 13 
explosive tracks, including new recordings of David Bowie's "Suffragette City," The 
Cars' "You're Just What I Needed," The Romantics' "What I Like About You," Sweet's 
"Little Willy," The Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See" and The Rolling Stones' 
"Dead Flowers." Some of Poison's best previously recorded covers are also featured on 
Poison'd, including KISS' "Rock and Roll All Nite," Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An 
American Band" and Loggins and Messina's "Your Mama Don't Dance."

Poison'd (CD and Digital Album)(Not Final Sequence): 
1. Little Willy (originally performed by Sweet)
2. Suffragette City (originally performed by David Bowie)
3. I Never Cry (originally performed by Alice Cooper)
4. I Need to Know (originally performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
5. Can't You See (originally performed by The Marshall Tucker Band)
6. What I Like About You (originally performed by The Romantics)
7. Dead Flowers (originally performed by The Rolling Stones)
8. Just What I Needed (originally performed by The Cars)
9. Rock and Roll All Nite (originally performed by Kiss)
10. Squeeze Box (originally performed by The Who); 
11. Your Mama Don't Dance (originally performed by Loggins & Messina)
12. You Don't Mess Around With Jim (originally performed by Jim Croce);
13. We're An American Band (originally performed by Grand Funk Railroad).

Tracks 1-8: produced by Don Was - 2007 (new recordings),
Track 9: produced by Rick Rubin, Less Than Zero soundtrack - 1987
Track 10: produced by Thom Panunzio, Hollyweird - 2002
Track 11: produced by Tom Werman, Open Up and Say ... Ahh! - 1988
Track 12: produced by Ric Browdie - 1987; bonus track on Look What The Cat Dragged In reissue (2006)
Track 13: produced by Don Was, The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock - 2006


April 4  : ex-Kiss Guitarist Mark St. John Passes
From: KNAC.COM / Kissonline
Sad to report that Mark Norton aka Mark St. John, KISS' lead guitarist on Animalize, passed away this morning of a cerebral hemorrhage. Mark was 51 years old. 
KISS remembers Mark for his contributions and sends their condolences and deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

From: Kissfaq
KNAC.COM is currently reporting that former KISS guitarist Mark St. John died this morning from a cerebral hemorrhage. This news has since been confirmed by KISS Online.

Mark St. John was born Mark Norton, in Hollywood, California, on February 7, 1956 and attained some noteriety as KISS’ shortest serving guitarist. During a hectic and disruptive period of two years KISS changed from Ace Frehley to Vinnie Vincent to Mark St. John, and then finally to Bruce Kulick on lead guitar, a position that was considered the most temporary job in town at the time. St. John lasted less than eight months with the band only joining them on stage in public three times. Regardless, Mark played on KISS’ most successful studio album of the unmasked period and any line-up apart from the originals (ST&H doesn’t count). Mark was a successful guitar teacher whose modesty didn’t allow him to name who his students were.

Following his time with KISS, Mark reconnected with David Donato, a vocalist who had had an equally short tenure with another legendary band: Black Sabbath. The two, who had worked together prior to their supergroup tangents, formed White Tiger becoming the first ex-KISS guitarist to release an album. The band included Mark’s brother Michael Norton, but split while working on demos for a second album in 1988. Mark was soon working with ex-KISS drummer Peter Criss, and while the band cut several demos (Hear a couple: “Been A Long Time” & “All Night Long“), he nor his brother survived as the band became “Criss.” He then disappeared, before re-emerging in late-1998. He released an “EP” which featured some material that originated from the project with Peter Criss, and later a full-length instrumental CD. He also became a special guest on KISS Expo circuit.

last update : 2007-04-30

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