May 29  : PETER CRISS - interview by Mitch Lafon
Bravewords recently conducted an interview with Peter Criss, covering a variety of subjects, mainly his forthcoming "One For All" album. However, plenty of interesting topics were touched on:

Mitch Lafon: Tell me about One For All. How did the music come about?
Peter Criss: "The last run of the Kiss tour with AEROSMITH without Ace (who I miss dearly). I had a hard time getting through that thing, but a contract is a contract. But the reason for this (ballad album) is that I had a huge hit with 'Beth' for my band KISS and for me as a songwriter. It's the 48th most played ballad in the world. Every night, I went out to sing it, I loved it. It was great! It was the thrill of my life and I realized I like singing ballads and I'm a hopeless romantic metal brain. I'm still metal man and I've not changed just because I'm putting out a ballad album. I just finished my rock album with my guitarist and it's kick ass. It'll be out next year with the grace of God. But ballads are my thing and I wanted to do something very autobiographical besides doing a book. I didn't feel by screaming or playing it in a rock/hard rock fashion that it would explain the trip that I'm going on on this CD. It's a trip of where my life has been and gone. The ups and downs of these last ten years of being back with the guys, losing friends, making friends, becoming idiots and making the same mistakes again, repeating ourselves in the same stupid ways... just all of it and the fans! Always the fans with me. 'Faces In The Crowd' is a song I dedicate to the fans for the wonderful life they've given me and if it sounds like I'm sticking my nose up their ass... good! Because I have a beautiful house and drive a nice car because of the fans that have bought my music. I grew up poor in Brooklyn, so I'm well aware of coming from 'down there.' So, I thought of all of this and I wrote two songs for the fans (the other one is called 'Memories'). I wrote a song called 'Space Ace.' Strictly wrote it for Ace because I felt so near and dear to him. We always were the closest and I started missing Ace a lot. I recorded a song my mother loved to sing as a kid – ' What A Difference A Day Makes' – so old that it'll never go over in the world of metal and they'll probably condemn me for it, but my mom dug it, so I sang it."

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Peter Criss interview

May 27  : PETER CRISS - "One For All" Press Release
Best known to the entire world as The Catman, a founding member and original drummer of the legendary KISS, PETER CRISS has returned with his latest musical project, All For One, a collection showcasing his far-ranging talent as a skillful singer-songwriter and his vast range as a gifted vocalist..."!
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One For All Press release

May 25  : A report from the studio with Ace Frehley !
Stopped by an visited my old friend Ace Frehley last night at the NYC studio where he is now mixing his upcoming CD. Ace is doing so well, is totally healthy and just in a great place now. I am very proud of him. Ace has recorded 10 new songs so far and is completing 3 to use as a demo for now. I can tell you there is some strong label interest so he will no doubt have several options to release it. I heard 2 of the 3 new songs that are being finalized and I must say I was really impressed with them. It is classic sounding Ace singing and playing. One track had a vocal from Ace that almost had a Beatles type vibe, but still rockin. You will also be happy to know that Ace plays all guitar and sings all vocals. The recordings were made with a trio of Ace, Anton Fig on drums and new bassist Anthony Esposito (Lynch Mob). The touring band will be Ace, Anthony and other players TBA. Ace also told me he wrote all the songs just before going into the studio, so this is all fresh stuff. I'm really excited by the two songs I heard. It is by far the most "Kiss-like" music from any past or present member of the bands respective solo albums. We hung out for a couple hours, talked about the old days and had some Japanese food. Really fun night and was great to see him as always. More news when I can share it and of course keep an ear on the radio shows and to this site for all the exclusive Ace news and music. Ace is back!

PS: There is NO set release date or live shows yet, when there is I will post!!

Eddie Trunk . com

May 9  : CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 2: Another Highschool Tribute To KISS
From: Patrice Beaudette (Producer)
I'm proud to announce that CHRISTINE SIXTEEN 2: ANOTHER HIGH SCHOOL TRIBUTE TO KISS is now available. 
Kiss fans will be able to buy it from KISS MUSEUM in the coming weeks. 
We are really proud of the final product which sounds heavier and more achieved than last year. 
The CD has been pressed at 600 copies this time around. The project, just like last year, is still a non-profit venture to encourage teenagers to experiment a style of music that they are not usually familiar with. It also gives them the chance to go to professional recording studio and experiment some media frenzy. 
We are also very pleased to welcome kid sensation drummer Angelo Coppola on board. Angelo rocks on three tracks on the new CD. !

Another Highschool Tribute

May 3  : Listen to Bruce Guest Appearance On Lion's Share CD
Swedish melodic metal masters Lion's Share have posted two new songs from their long-awaited comeback album "Emotional Coma" on their MySpace page.

"The Edge of the Razor" features guest solos performed by Bruce, and the song will also be the first video from the CD, which is scheduled for release on June 15th. 
Click over and give it a listen!

May 1  : Your little baby can now fall asleep with KISS baby lullaby
From: / Norman Huizinga
Baby Rock records transforms timeless rock songs into beautiful instrumental lullabies, sending your little one to a slumberland of sweet dreams.
The 2007 release "Rockabye Baby"  has taken the best indie, metal and rock songs and crafted them into radiant instrumental lullabies! Your little one can now fall asleep to the sounds of Metallica, Led Zep, Maiden, Nirvana, Tool, KISS (I Was Made For Lovin' You), Pantera, Slayer and more!

available at

Baby Rock Records

last update : 2007-05-31

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