March 16  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
Day 26 : Another day in the studio booked to do vocals. Like my work last week, Jeremy had me working to make my voice as confident and soulful as my guitar. We chose the song "Life". It is very Beatles like in its structure, and I did have some George Harrison vibes in mind, but that is just a goal to reach. I always strive to reach 
what I imagine in my mind, and that is a good ideal to work on attaining. But getting it done is the hard work involved in making it great. I left that day with what I felt were strong verses, but other parts of the vocals were not up to that level. I won't let it discourage me, it'll just make me work harder on singing great.

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

March 16 : Jimmy Haslip mentions KISS re-recorded some songs (?)
From: / KISS-Related-Recordings
Besides the year long KISS-Related interview Special, added an interview with BLACK JACK bassplayer Jimmy Haslip.

Jimmy Haslip has a rich rock past and in the interview this is where we focused our attention. Just take notice of Haslip’s memories and recollection of KISS, Michael Bolton, Peter Frampton and of course Blackjack.

Below are a few excerpts from this very interesting interview : You were one of the “ghost musicians” that played on KISS’ “Creatures of the Night”. Would you like to tell us a few things about it?

Jimmy Haslip: Sure…actually, the whole story is funny! I had just returned home after a long day in the studio rehearsing, recording etc….don’t ask me what I was recording because after all these years it’s all a blur to me (laughs). It was summer of 1982 and I was preparing something to eat in my kitchen. It was 11 o’ clock in the night when the phone rang and although I was surprised to receive a phone call at such a late time of the day, I picked it up and it was Michael James Jackson (ed. note: Producer of Creatures of the Night). He sounded really desperate and he said to me that he had a deadline to have the album ready in about three days and Gene Simmons refused to play his bass parts because he had just broke up with Diana Ross and he wasn’t in a mood for that stuff! He asked me if I would be interested in coming by the studio and lay down some bass tracks for the album. I said yes…and remember that I had just returned from another studio…picked up my bass and some other stuff and off I went to my car for a 15-minute drive to Record Plant Studios. When I entered the studio…at about 12 midnight…they were all there…Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent…in another room was Eric Carr with Steve Ferris and I think there was also Bob Kulick in there. I think that every single person who was in the studio that night was used by KISS for a recording session (laughs)! Do you remember on which songs you played?

Jimmy Haslip: I played on 5 songs and everytime I get asked on which one I only remember “Danger”. I am pretty sure, though, that I played bass on 5 songs. After that collaboration with KISS, did you have the chance to meet again Paul and Gene?

Jimmy Haslip: Yes. A few months ago, I was in Los Angeles for business and I went to this studio where I saw Gene Simmons speaking in his cell phone. I waved “hello” and he nodded like he didn’t recognize me…at least that’s the impression that he gave me…then after a while and while I was walking down the corridor there came Paul Stanley! He said something like: “Hey, I know you! You are one of the guys who played on “Creatures…” (laughs)”! He had recognized me even though 25 years had passed by and I had shaved my moustache. Do you know what they were doing in the studio? I am asking you because KISS and “studio” don’t go hand in hand nowadays.

Jimmy Haslip: Yeah, I know…I asked Paul about it and he told me that they were re-recording some songs from their back catalogue so as to have the rights themselves and not the record label. You mean that the current line-up re-records classic KISS songs?

Jimmy Haslip: That’s what I figured.

Read the entire interview with Jimmy Haslip at - JJimmy Haslip interview

March 12 : Jack Scarangella (Treasure) interview at
Rockpages Web Magazine started a KISS Special feature for the band’s 35th anniversary. We will provide interviews with 30 KISS-related persons (we started with former KISS manager Bill Aucoin, followed with songwriter Jim Vallance and producer Mark Opitz).

We continue our year-long KISS special article with the fifth interview with a KISS-related figure.

This week we publish an interview with Jack Scarangella, drummer of VINNIE VINCENT’s first professional band Treasure. Mr. Scarangella remembers the late 70s and shares some wonderful memories of Vinnie with us.

Read the entire interview with Jack Scarangella at - Jack Scarangella (Drummer of Treasure) interview

March 6  : Bruce Kulick Studio blog update.
Day 25 : Well after nearly 4 months of not being able to schedule recording on BK3, I finally jumped back in. (Between traveling to Brazil, Mexico, Japan and all over the US was hard to book!) So day one was well... it was like diving in a very deep pool. I didn't really sleep very well the night before. My brain was in over thinking mode! You know when you dream things like your cell phone won't work, or why am I missing my pants!? Frustration dreams. The biggest challenge for me with my solo discs are always vocals. So since almost ALL the guitars and bass are done, it was finally time to take that step.

Jeremy produced me excellently and before we started, he talked to me about what he always felt worked and what didn't about my voice. It was incredibly informative for me to understand better how to take command of my voice the way I can with my guitar. He has worked with so many different singers, and I know his take and approach is methodical and intense, but always with the goal of getting the best performance from the artist. I was a good pupil, and he made me sing in a way I have never heard before. 

So, a very successful vocal day. I am not going to fear the next sessions as much. I still plan on some exciting guest singers on my disc as well. But most important right now is for me to make some progress with the vocals. Can't wait for you all to hear the new music. But all good things come with patience. I will keep you all posted soon!

Checkout Bruce Kulick's BK3 full studioblog by clicking here.

B K 3

March 3 : 'Millennium Tribute To Kiss' Due In April 
On April 1, Versailles Records will return to stores with "Lick It Up: A Millennium Tribute to Kiss" is the first all-star KISS tribute of the millennium, and featuring current/former members of SKID ROW, DEEP PURPLE, ALICE COOPER, WHITE LION, WARRANT, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, KEEL, BRITNY FOX, ZEBRA, RATT, RIOT, RAINBOW, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT, DIO, ACE FREHLEY, RAT RACE CHOIR, DAD'S PORNO MAG, L.A. GUNS, LILLIAN AXE, DORO, DANGEROUS TOYS, WATCHTOWER. The release also includes a two-CD bonus sampler entitled "Strip Club Rock Vol. ", which features a variety of unsigned millennium rock bands.

March 1 : Interview With Richie Fontana
Rockpages Web Magazine started a KISS Special feature for the band’s 35th anniversary. We will provide interviews with 30 KISS-related persons (we started with former KISS manager Bill Aucoin, followed with songwriter Jim Vallance and producer Mark Opitz).

This week we publish an interview with Richie Fontana, who played drums on PAUL STANLEY’s solo album back in 1978. Richie talks about his collaboration with KISS and he sets the record straight for some rumors that were floating around in the late 70s. Here’s an excerpt of that interview. You hooked up with Paul after the Aucoin Connection with Piper? Who recommended you to him?

Richie Fontana: Actually, Paul contacted me directly via the Aucoin office. That's all there was to it. I guess he had me in mind all the while as he was getting ready to begin working on his solo project. You played drums on 4 tracks on the album. Would you like to tell me a word or two for each one of them?

Richie Fontana: I really do like all 4 tracks. Very melodic. Paul is an excellent writer. Paul, Bob Kulick, Steve Buslowe and myself just gathered ourselves in a circle and learned the songs right in the studio. The parts for the rhythm tracks came quickly.

"Tonight You Belong To Me" has that power/epic thing about it which I thought was perfect to open the album.
"Move On" is a good old rocker.
"Ain't Quite Right" I feel is a very classy tune, I love that one.
"Wouldn't You Like To Know Me" has that power pop feel that I love so much, ala Raspberries, etc.

Read the entire interview with Richie Fontana at - Richie Fontana interview

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