Released : January 29, 2008
Produced by : Frank Peterson
Time : 57:08

01  Gothica
      F. Peterson/ C. Heusmann
02  Fleurs Du Mal 
      Peterson/ Schwarz/ Meissner/ Himmelbach/ Hirschburger/ Brightman
03  Symphony 
      S. Kloss/ A. Nowak/ J. Stolle/ T. Stolle/ G. Black/ S. Brightman
04  Canto Della Terra (duet with Andrea Bocelli)
      F. Sartori / L. Quarantotto
05  Sanvean 
      A. Claxton / L. Gerrard
06  I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go) (duet w Paul Stanley)
      Espen Lind / A. Bjorklund / M Rostadmo
07  Schwere Träume
      F. Peterson / M. Soltau / K. Hirschburger/ S. Brightman
08  Sarai Qui (duet with Alessandro Safina)
      D. Warren / Italian Lyrics by Michelangelo La Bionda
09  Storia D'Amore
      P. Cordel  / Italian Lyrics by Michelangelo La Bionda & S. Brightman
10  Let It Rain
      C. Heusmann/ K. Hirschburger/ F. Peterson
11  Attesa
      P. Mascagni / C. Ferrau
12  Pasión (duet with Fernando Lima)
      Jorge Avendano Luhrs
13  Running (incl. hidden track)
      F. Peterson / S. Brightman / K. Hirschburger

(0946 3 460782 7) released 2008 by Manhattan Records

USA : Manhattan Records - compact disc - 0946 3 460782 7

musicians :
Sarah Brightman (lead and backing vocals)
Paul Stanley (duet vocals on track 06)
Andrea Bocelli (duet vocals on track 04)
Alessandro Safina (duet vocals on track 08)
Fernando Lima (duet vocals on track 12)

Carsten Heusmann (keyboards & programming)
Michael Soltau (keyboards &  programming)
Matthias Meissner (additional keyboards &  programming)
Kristian Draude (additional keyboards &  programming)
Peter Wehe (guitars)
Curt Cress (drums)
Alex Grube (bass)
Roland Peil (percussion)

Orchestra : London Symphony Orchestra 
Choirs : Metropolitan Voices - Annie Skates / Crouch End Choir - James Fitspatrick.

Backing vocals : Amelia Brightman, Gunther Laudahn, Carolin Fortenbacher, Frank Peterson, Carsten Heusmann, Klaus Hirschburger, Sarah Brightman.

Produced by Frank Peterson.
Additional Production on tracks 05, 10, 13 : Carsten Heusmann.

Recorded between 2004 and 2007 at :
- Nemo Studios, Hamburg
- Abbey Road Studios, London
- Angel Studios, London
- Ocean Club Studio, Key Biscayne FL.
- Proloton Studio, Hamburg
- Vox Studio, Bendestorf
- H.O.M.E. Studio, Hamburg
- Clock Studio, Bologna
- The Nook, Los Angeles

Engineered by : John Timperley, Frank Peterson, Steve Price, Volker Heinzen, Dennis Preiss, Greg Collins.
Pro Tools and Waveframe Editing by : Frank Peterson, Dennis Preiss, Thomas Schwarz.
Mixed at Nemo studios, Hamburg by Frank Peterson and Stafan Glaumann.
Orchestra Mixed by Garreth Williams.
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound.

Extra NOTES (by Julian Gill) :
The duet with Paul Stanley was recorded in 2006, though Sarah previously recorded the song with Chris Thompson, in 2001 for the "Diamond & Pearl" movie (also used as the theme song for Pokemon movie "Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai"). The song was written by Norwegian's Espen Lind and Sissel Kyrkjebø, as "Where The Lost Ones Go."

Sarah (who was once married to Andrew Lloyd-Webber) played the female lead in the 
original 1986 London run of "Phantom of the Opera," a nice tie-in with Paul Stanley's performance run in the male lead role.

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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Paul Stanley (official)

D  I  S  C  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y



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