Erik Grönwall - Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place
Erik Grönwall (Sweden)
Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place 

Released : June 2, 2010
Produced by : Peter Mansson, Frederik Thomander and Anders Wikström
Time : 43:24

01  Take Me On (3:12) Joey Tempest
02  Uphill Climb (3:21) Grönwall/ Habolin/ Vaughn
03  Try (3:06) Werner/ Gullhamn
04  Stay  (3:43) Sarin/ Zitron/ Vaughn
05  Crash and Burn (3:27) Jarl/ Stenmarck/ McFadden
06  Destination Anywhere (3:21) Grönwall/Becker/Martensson/Vaughn
07  When You Fall (3:52) Elfosson/ Aström
08  Timeless (4:03) Paul Stanley/ Andreas Carlsson 
09  Breathe In Breathe Out (4:25) Grönwall/Mansson/Thomander/Wikström
10  Somewhere Between .. (3:18) Nicke Borg
11  Walls Are Coming Down (3:27) Grönwall/ Becker/ Thomander
12  In Spite Of Me (4:09) Raven/ Martin/ Yacoub/ Talomaa

(88697704092) released 2010 by Sony Music / Columbia Sweden

Sweden : Sony Music / Columbia - compact disc - 88697704092

musicians :
Erik Grönwall (vocals)
Peter Mansson (drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, piano, organ)
Frederik Thomander (bass, piano, keyboards, backing vocals)
Anders Wikström (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

Erik Martensson (electric guitar and backing vocals on track 06)
Johan Becker (backing vocals on track 06 and 11)
Mattias Bylund (string arrangement on track 07, 12; organ on 07; Wurlitzer on 12)
Mattias Johansson (violin on track 07 and 12)
David Bukovinsky (cello on track 07 and 12)

Produced by Peter Mansson, Frederik Thomander and Anders Wikström.
Track 06 and 12 Produced by Peter Mansson and Frederik Thomander.
Recorded at MIR, Epicentre and Thunderbay Studios.
Mixed by Peter Mansson and Frederik Thomander at MIR Studios.
Mastered by Mats "Limpan" Lindfors at Cutting Room.
Strings recorded and edited by Mattias Bylund in Studio Elevator Nobody, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Extra NOTES :
Erik Grönwall (born December 3, 1987) is a Swedish singer and songwriter. 
September 2009 he auditioned for "Idols" Sweden, where he performed a stunning acoustic version of SKID ROW's "18 and Life". ("18 and Life" at
During the quarter-final at the Malmö Arena, Sweden (November 2009) Erik Grönwall performed KISS "Shout It out Loud". In December 2009, he won Swedish Idols. 
During several of the shows he received standing ovations from the jury for his performances. His first single, "Higher", sold gold on digital downloads after only three days. His first self titled album, "Erik Grönwall", was released just ten days after the finals and debuted at number one on the Swedish charts and was certified platinum.
Studio versions of Erik Grönwall covers of "Shout it Out Loud" and "18 and Life" both appears on his debut album, which was releases by Sony BMG Sweden, December 2009.

Paul Stanley and songwriter Andreas Carlsson collaborated on the track "Timeless," which is featured on the album "Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place" from Swedish Idol winner Erik Grönwall. Paul Stanley previously co-wrote five tracks with Andreas Carlsson for his 2006 solo album, "
Live To Win," including the title track.
According to Andreas Carlsson the song was written with Paul Stanley the first time they met, and Erik's recording is stunning. 
Other Paul Stanley / Andreas Carlsson collaborations can be found on
Silbermond’s 2004 album " “Verschwende Deine Zeit” and Bad Candy’s self titled debut album.

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