Paul Stanley : Live To Win
Live To Win

Released : October 24, 2006
Produced by : Paul Stanley
Time : 33:28

01  Live To Win (3:08) Stanley/ Child/ Carlsson
02  Lift (4:08) Stanley/ Child/ Frederiksen
03  Wake Up Screaming (2:59) Stanley/ Child/ Carlsson
04  Everytime I See You Around (3:28) Stanley/ Pete Masitti
05  Bulletproof (3:01) Stanley/ Andreas Carlsson
06  All About You  (3:16) Stanley/ Carlsson/ Child
07  Second To None (3:35) Stanley/ Andreas Carlsson
08  It’s Not Me (3:19) Stanley/ Knight/ Midnight
09  Loving You Without You Now (3:16) Stanley
10  Where Angels Dare (3:22) Stanley/ Child/ John 5
Songtitles mentioned which didn't make the final release... 
00  Impossible (0:00) Stanley/ Carlsson
00  Ready To Rock Your World (0:00) Stanley/ Carlsson
00  Bloodtype R. (0:00) Stanley/ Carlsson

USA : New Door Records/ Universal Musical Enterprises - compact disc - B0007580-02
Japan : Universal Music Group - compact disc -  UICY-1366 (November 8, 2006) 

Musicians :
Paul Stanley (Lead vocals, background vocals, guitar, percussion)
Bruce Kulick (bass)
Corky James (guitars, bass)
Brad Fernquist (guitars)
John 5 (guitars)
Tommy Denander (guitars)
Andreas Carlsson (guitars, background vocals)
Sean Hurley (bass)
Victor Indrizzo (drums)
Greg Kurstin (piano) 
Zac Rae (piano)
Harry Somerdahl (keyboards and programming) 
Russ Irwin (additional keyboards and programming) 
CC White (background vocals)
John Shanks (background vocals)

Strings on “Every Time I See You Around,” “Second To None” and “Loving You Without You Now” – Arranged by Paul Stanley and David Campbell. Orchestrated and conducted by David Campbell.

Musicians (full details):
1. LIVE TO WIN (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child/Andreas Carlsson)
Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

2. LIFT (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child/Marti Frederiksen)
Corky James – Guitars
Sean Hurley – Bass
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

3. WAKE UP SCREAMING (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child/Andreas Carlsson)
Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Tommy Denander – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

4. EVERY TIME I SEE YOU AROUND (Paul Stanley / Pete Masitti)
Corky James – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Bruce Kulick – Bass
Russ Irwin – Piano, Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

5. BULLETPROOF (Paul Stanley/Andreas Carlsson)
Corky James – Guitars
Andrea Carlsson – Guitars
John 5 – Solo
Sean Hurley – Bass
Zac Rae – Piano
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums
C.C. White and Andreas Carlsson – Additional Background Vocals

6. ALL ABOUT YOU (Paul Stanley/Andreas Carlsson/Desmond Child)
Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Brad Fernquist – Guitars, Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

7. SECOND TO NONE (Paul Stanley/Andreas Carlsson)
Corky James – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Bruce Kulick – Bass
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Greg Kurstin – Piano
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

8. IT’S NOT ME (Paul Stanley/Holly Knight/Charlie Midnight)
Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Brad Fernquist – Guitars, Solo
Russ Irwin – Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

Corky James – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Bruce Kulick – Bass
Greg Kurstin – Piano
Brian Steckler – Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

10. WHERE ANGELS DARE (Paul Stanley/Desmond Child/John 5)
Corky James – Guitars, Bass
John 5 – Guitars, Solo
Sean Hurley – Bass
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
C.C. White and John Shanks – Additional Background Vocals

Notes :
Produced by Paul Stanley.
Engineered and recorded by Alex Gibson.
Assisted by Tom Syrowski, Matt Serrecchio, Glenn Pittman, Jon Berkowitz and Kevin Mills.
Additional Engineers: Mark Valentine, assisted by Keith Gretlein. Kevin Mills, assisted by Phil Martin
Additional Recording: Greg Collins
Mixed by Greg Collins.
Recorded and mixed at Hensen Recording Studios.
Mastered by Steve Marcussen/Marcussen Mastering.

musicians (extra info) :
Bruce Kulick needs no introduction. Bruce has also played bass on numerous KISS recordings, such as "Nothing Can Keep Me From You," "Forever," "Hell Or High Water," "Tough Love," "Every Time I Look At You," and seven of the songs on "Carnival Of Souls". Apparently, Bruce has also been asked to play some guitar on the album. It's currently not known whether other bass players are used on Paul's album, but seems likely.

Victor Indrizzo played with a ton of people. Some of his credits include Macy Gray, Jimmy Gnecco, Brian May, Five For Fighting, Aimee Mann, Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff, The Vines, Scott Weiland, and Sheryl Crow.

Corky James has played with numerous artists, including: Anastacia, Avril Lavigne, Hillary Duff, John Hiatt, Paris Hilton, and Vanessa Carlton. 

Russ Irwin started out as a drummer and progressed to piano and guitar, eventually releasing a self-titled solo album on EMI/SBK records in 1991. The solo album would feature a top 40 single, "My Heart Belongs to You." He played keyboards and sang backing vocals on Aerosmith's "Nine Lives," "Just Push Play," "Oh Yeah!," "Roximus Maximus," and "How's it Honkin' on Bobo" Tours. He's also toured with Sting and was once a member of the band 'Mayfield' with former Tears for Fears member Curt Smith and played on their one album.

Tommy Denander played guitar on two tracks (incl. Wake Up Screaming) with Paul Stanley in early 2005. 
As a kid Tommy Denander  was just as much a fan of hard rock bands like Kiss, Van Halen, Whitesnake and Judas Priest as westcoast artists like David Foster, Toto, Bill Champlin and David Roberts ...
Now as a self-taught guitarist and keyboard player -since the age of 5- he has played almost every style you can think of, both live and on more than 500 albums, 100 singles, 2500 sessions and several movie soundtracks ...
The list of artists he has recorded albums with, includes names like Toto, Michael McDonald, Richard Marx, Fee Waybill, Jeff Beck, Michael Landau, Steve Stevens, Glenn Hughes, Yngwie Malmsteen, Talisman, ... to name just a few ...
Tommy have released four solo albums on his own, which first one was recorded with Toto. In band format Tommy have recorded classic Hard Rock and AOR albums with Prisoner, Talk Of The Town, Rainmaker, Radioactive (named after the Gene Simmons song) and SayIt.

Co-writers (mentioned so far) :
Desmond Child - It was once suggested, and I paraphrase, "lock the doors to the studio and shoot anyone who looks like Desmond Child." Desmond, apart from being one of the most successful and prolific song-writers (a Barry Mann of the 80's) played a key role in KISS' song-writing during the 1980's. After becoming acquainted with Paul Stanley during Paul's recording of his first solo album in 1978 (members of Desmond's band "Rouge" appear on Paul's 1978 album), Paul and Desmond would forge a strong song-writing partnership. There's a whole stack of material written by Paul and Desmond that little is known about, including whether any of the songs are current, or were written in the 1980s. Additionally, the songs may well have been written for other artists, or simply offered for publishing and recording by other artists. Some of these include: "Dead End Girl (EMI #38029), "Do Or Die" (EMI #36407), "Face To Face" (EMI #36408), "Hold On" (EMI #37686), and "Trust" (EMI #38131). Paul doesn't generally recycle, like Gene does, so if these song-titles are old material, then it's doubtful they'd be on a 2005 album.

Andreas Carlsson (ASCAP song writer of the year 2001) - Andreas is better known for his "Boy" band song-writing contributions. However, his pop/rock sensitivities have also resulted in his working with the likes of Def Leppard. Some known Carlsson/Stanley collaborations include "Impossible" (Warner-Chappell #856444500; ASCAP), "Ready To Rock Your World" (Warner-Chappell #859488800), and "Bloodtype R" (Warner-Chappell #855881400; ASCAP). "Bloodtype R" was recorded by the German band Silbermond as "Mach's Dir Selbst" on their 2004 self-titled album. You can hear a sample from the song at It's not clear whether the other two songs have been used by other artists or were geared towards any particular project, Paul's or some other artists...

John Lowery - John is also known as "John 5" and is a former guitarist for the David Lee Roth band and Marilyn Manson. According to the KISS Magazine, he submitted an untitled song, that he'd worked on with Bob Kulick and Bruce Bouillet, to Paul for consideration on the album. It's not known whether Paul has used the song.

Strings have been arranged David Campbell (the father of Beck), best known to KISS fans from the "KISS Symphony Melbourne Concert".

Quotes :
PAUL: "I'm not about selling sizzle. My album's about delivering a steak. It won't matter who's involved or what color the cover is. 
That's what it's not about" (

PAUL: "From the songs to the playing and singing, everything about this album is consistent without compromise. The album is exactly who I am now and what I want to be doing. It's got all the sides of what I do, so it's not surprising that it's got elements of everything I've done plus a leap into the 21st century. I don't need to hype it. I'll leave that to everyone else who's heard it" (KISS Online)

basic detail set up by Julian Gill (Kissfaq)

Live To Win (One track promo Germany)
Live To Win (one track promo)

Released : 2006
Produced by : Paul Stanley
Time : 03:07

01 Live To Win (3:07) Stanley/ Child/ Carlsson

Germany : New Door Records/ Universal - compact disc (papercardsleeve)- LC 01882

Paul Stanley - Live To Win (one track promo, card sleeve Germany) 1
Paul Stanley - Live To Win (one track promo, card sleeve Germany) 2

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"Live to Win DJ FuhQ Remix"
Live To Win
Wake Up Screaming
Where Angels Dare
It's Not Me
All About You


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